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Why are the IITs Not in Favour of a 3rd Attempt for JEE Advanced? 

Last updated on November 26th, 2020

There are some talks going on for JEE Advanced to be allowed for the 3rd attempt. But, as per sources, Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are not in favour of the third attempt for students who have exhausted their attempts.3rd Attempt for JEE Advanced

In general, students can take the JEE Advanced 2 times and 3 times for JEE Main exam. But, students have been requesting for a 3rd chance to take the JEE Advanced exam citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The students have been writing to the IITs and Education Ministry for allowing a 3rd time. But, it seems the top institutes are not in favour of conducting another exam right now. Let’s know the reasons behind it below.

IITs are not in favour of 3rd Attempt for JEE Advanced – Why?JEE Advanced

According to the letters written, the COVD-19 pandemic has caused tremendous stress among the students. Therefore, many of them did not perform as per expectation. Though the Joint Admissions Board, the managing body of the JEE Advanced, decided that students who have missed taking the exam due to COVID-19 or lockdown can be given another chance.

However, the JAB (Consisting of IIT Directors) did not favour another chance for students who have already taken the exam. As per sources, there is a consensus among JAB members not to reconsider this matter.JEE Advanced

JEE AdvancedAt least three JAB sources declared that they have no intention to allow students to take the JEE Advanced exam for the third time. According to them, this action will be unfair towards the fresh candidates attempting the exam in 2021. It may increase competition for them.

In 2020, at least students had an opportunity to take regular coaching classes and go to schools as well until complete lockdown. But, the JEE Advanced 2021 aspirants have to prepare for the exam depending on online platforms from home only.

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What do Facts Suggest?

The IITs have considered all these factors before coming to a consensus on whether to allow aspirants for a 3rd attempt this year. Also, facts say that the % of successful candidates taking JEE Advanced is best during the first attempt.

It is found that 70 – 80 % successful candidates are first-timers, the rest are second timers. Hence, no scope for a 3rd attempt. Hence, IITs are not in favour of the 3rd attempt for JEE Advanced.

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