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“Turn Lockdown Period Into An Opportunity”, says Anand Kumar of Super 30 to JEE Aspirants

Last updated on May 12th, 2020 at 08:41 am

The new dates for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2020 have been finally announced. Taking a precautionary measure, HRD Minister has set the dates from 18th July to 23rd July 2020, which will help curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease all over the country and also possibly ensure the safety of students if the active cases are brought down. Students now have approximately 2 months more to prepare for the examination which is sought as the screening test for top engineering colleges of India.

Anand Kumar, the founder of Super 30, has suggested that aspirants must prepare for the examination by self-study. Maximum mock tests must be attempted by students during this extra time period. He also suggested students must study every chapter deeply and conceptualise major topics on their own.

Do not mug up!

Anand stated that a lot of students try to mug up the concepts as well as the formula without understanding the reasons or practical approach behind it. He said that this extra time must be utilised by students to learn and understand how the concepts were created. He further said, “A student can crack the JEE Main or other entrance examination by memorising the formula without actually understanding the concept. Nevertheless, the logic behind the formula is important to understand else you might forget what you learnt. Therefore, this quarantine period must be used wisely by pointing the attention towards actual concepts behind a formula or an equation, rather than just memorizing everything.”

Kumar talked about the issues with engineering aspirants. He said that the students face difficulty while creating a balance between board exams and entrance tests. He said, “Students must create a timetable during this lockdown. They must adhere to the same and accordingly allot time for revising chapters and attempting the mock tests as a full mock test takes 3 hours.” Moreover, analysis of a mock test also takes time and students must consider this while studying thoroughly.

Kumar said that this time is useful to figure out new tricks to solve a single problem in multiple ways. Aspirants should enjoy solving questions and create similar questions from the one they have solved. This might help in discovering short tricks to solve similar types of questions.

Use your books wisely

He recommended that if a student is trying to understand the logic, he/she must start with the most basic concept book. “According to famous mathematician David Hilbert, simpler books attract the most. So, restart your self-study following basic concept books at first. Try to learn the reason behind each concept, for example, why the area of the triangle is ‘half base times height’,” he described.

Anand Kumar uses social media to engage aspirants. He regularly posts questions which might be interesting to solve. He said, “ Students must keep reading until they understand the concept. If they still find it difficult then help from some other refresher book can be taken. After finally understanding the logic, make short notes and keep revising them. Mark one star against a topic or question which you can answer at the very first attempt. Consider this as an easy concept. Those which you find more difficult, mark two stars, while a three-star for the toughest problem or concept. During the second revision, focus on concepts that have been marked two and three stars by you and in the subsequent revision, just focus on three-star chapters. Create short notes that you can read every day.”

JEE Main is being conducted twice since 2019 in two sessions – January and April. While the January 2020 session was conducted without any hassles, April session has been postponed till July 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 disease and the subsequent lockdown imposed to curb the spread.

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