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IIT Bombay Placements Report and Summer Internship Programs

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

IIT Bombay Placements is carried out in two phases every year for all the B.Tech courses. The first phase is conducted in December and the second in January. IIT Bombay holds a history of providing highly skilled employees to the corporate world.

  • According to the IIT Bombay placements report 2019-20, the total number of job offers made was 1207.
  • The highest international placement package of INR 1.16 Crores p.a. was offered by the software giant Microsoft.
  • Also, the highest number of offers was bagged by the students of the Engineering and Technology sector.
  • Students received 156 international offers from countries like the USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore, South Korea, and a few more.
  • Along with the excellent placements, IIT Bombay Internships are also offered to the deserving students in the final year of graduation.

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IIT Bombay Placements Highlights 2020

Total Companies Participated 265
Students Registered for Placement 1784
Total Students Recruited 1207
Average CTC INR 20.08 LPA
Highest CTC INR 62.28 LPA
Highest International CTC INR 116 LPA (1.6 crores)
Total Number of Internships Offered 159

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IIT Bombay Placements Stats

Program No. of Students Registered No. of Students Placed
B.Tech 601 492
B.Tech + M.Tech 166 133
M.Tech 575 423
2 Year MSc 144 52
B.Des 28 11
M.Des 60 42
4 Year BSc 11 5
Other Programs 199 49
Total 1784 1207

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IIT Bombay Recruiter – Department wise

IIT Bombay has various engineering departments offering courses from under-graduation to PhD. IIT Bombay placements office strives to get companies to provide job offers for students of all the departments. For the year 2019-20, students of Electrical and Computer Science departments received the most offers. IIT Bombay placement statistics of all the departments are tabulated below:

IIT Bombay Recruiter Department wise

Department Total No. of Students Placed
Aerospace 71
Chemical 122
Civil 100
Computer Science 186
Electrical 202
Mechanical 173
Energy Science and Engineering 30
BioSciences and BioEngineering 21

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IIT Bombay Placements: List of Top Companies

During the placement season, students of IIT Bombay received placement offers from top global companies and some major start-ups as well. The highest payer at IIT Bombay was Microsoft, which offered a package of 1.16 CPA in addition to extra bonuses and stocks. Other top companies at IIT Bombay are as follows:

Microsoft Google
Samsung Qualcomm
Amazon Adobe
Goldman Sachs TATA
Accenture Strategy & Carin
Morgan Stanley ITC
ONGC Parimal
Havells Uber
Unilever Citibank
Bajaj DHL

IIT Bombay Summer Internship

Internships tend to play an important role in a student’s career growth. Internships not only help students to gain industrial exposure but also contribute to their personal growth.

IIT Bombay students receive internship opportunities from both India as well as foreign countries. IIT Bombay Placements office provides internships to students based on their interests. The placement team also encourages students to take part in research-based internships at esteemed universities.

IIT Bombay Summer internships typically begin in May and continue till mid-July. Students studying in second and third year in Bachelor’s and first year in Master’s are eligible to appear for internships at various companies.

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IIT Bombay Internship Stats over the years

IIT Bombay Internship trends for the year 2019-20 were quite similar to the previous year’s three years. There were 901 internship offers from more than 487 organizations. Some of the companies even offered pre-placement offers (PPO) to the students.

Reputed companies from foreign countries like the USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, etc. offered internships to the students. Apart from companies, students also received internships from about 110 universities.

The highest demand for students was from Computer science, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering departments. Moreover, the number of internships offered in MSc and Design also witnessed a slight rise, in comparison to the previous year. The department-wise IIT Bombay Internship trends for the past years are given below.

Department 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Aerospace 34 49 41
Chemical 131 137 109
Chemistry 21 25 14
Civil 111 100 60
Computer Science 220 203 207
Electrical 176 133 139
Engineering Physics 17 23 22
Energy 23 18 17
Mechanical 158 166 132
MEMS 88 89 59
Others 96 98 101
Total 1075 1041 901

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Students graduating from IIT Bombay in the year 2019-20, got the opportunity to be a part of many leading global companies. Several new organizations also participated in the IIT Bombay placement drive to recruit potential employees.

The total percentage of placed students in the IIT Bombay internships was 83.58, which is higher than that of the previous years. The top international recruiters were Microsoft, Samsung, and Uber. In the case of internships, the number was slightly less than in the past year. Also, the highest number of international internships was made from USA companies.

Overall, despite the COVID-19 situation, IIT Bombay placements office and students were able to attract various reputed companies.

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IIT Bombay Placements and Internships FAQs

Q.How many internship seasons are there at IIT Bombay?

Last updated on November 11th, 2020

IIT Bombay has two internship phases. The first one is IIT Bombay Summer internship which begins in May and continues till Mid-July. The second one is the IIT Bombay Winter internship which is conducted during the month of December.

Q.Which were the top recruiters for B. Tech Computer Science department?

Last updated on November 11th, 2020

The top recruiting companies for the B. Tech Computer Science department are Adobe, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Amazon, TATA, TCS, Infosys, etc. The average CTC offered was 11.8 LPA.

Q.How many placement offers were accepted by IIT Bombay students?

Last updated on November 11th, 2020

IIT Bombay students received 1319 placement offers in total from various companies. Out of which 1207 offers were accepted by the students.

Q.Which sectors receive the most and the least placement offers at IIT Bombay?

Last updated on November 11th, 2020

The sector which receives the most placement offers is Engineering and Technology whereas the least offers are made in the education sector. For the Engineering and Technology sector the percentage of offers made was 30% and for the Education sector, it was 0.4% for undergraduates.

Q.How many winter internships were offered to IIT Bombay students in 2019-20?

Last updated on November 11th, 2020

During the winter internship phase, conducted in December students of IIT Bombay received a total of 198 offers. This amount is significantly less than that of summer internships because students get less duration for internships in December.

IIT Madras Placements Report and Summer Internship Programs 

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

IIT Madras Placements have shown enormous growth in the last two years. IIT Madras is a renowned institute in India which is ranked 1st in the NIRF 2020 Engineering Rankings. Admission to the institute is provided based on JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations.

  • A total of 1276 students had registered for IIT Madras placements and a total of 872 students were placed in more than 200 top-notch MNCs.
  • Along with the IIT Madras placements, the institute offers excellent internships too. Out of 537 students who registered for the IIT Madras internship programs, 345 were placed.
  • Some of the top IIT Madras recruiters in the past years have been Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Axis Bank, JP Morgan, ZS Associates, Tata Consultancy Services, Flipkart, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd etc..
  • The highest number of students were recruited by the IT sector followed by the Analytics/Consulting/Finance sector.

Also, the highest CTC offered in the previous IIT Madras Placement session was INR 1.33 Crores per annum.

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IIT Madras Placement Highlights 2020

Total Companies Participated 246
Students Registered for Placement 1276
Total Students Placed 872
Average CTC INR 16.1 LPA
Highest CTC INR 133 LPA (1.33 crores)
Total Number of Internships Offered 376

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IIT Madras Placement Stats

IIT Madras Placements records for the previous years have been given below:

Program Percentage of Students Placed (2018-19) Percentage of Students Placed (2017-18)
B.Tech 85 74
B.Tech + M.Tech 85 81

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IIT Madras Placements Department-wise

IIT Madras offers the B.Tech and dual degree courses in specialisations like Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.IIT Madras Placements

  • In the year 2018-19, the maximum students were placed from the Computer Science and Engineering Department (90%), followed by Electrical Engineering (86%) and Engineering Design (83%).
  • The table below shows the percentage of IIT Madras students placed department-wise for the session 2018-19:
Department Percentage of Students placed
Aerospace Engineering 70
Applied Mechanics 69
Bio-Technology 67
Civil Engineering 65
Chemical Engineering 74
Computer Science and Engineering 90
Electrical Engineering 86
Engineering Design 83
Mechanical Engineering 75
Metallurgical Engineering 55
Ocean Engineering 64

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IIT Madras Placements: Top Recruiting Companies

Leading companies from India and abroad participate in the IIT Madras Placement process. For the year 2018-19, a total of 289 companies participated in the placements.

Some of the top recruiters in the past years have been mentioned in the table below:

McKinsey & Company Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Chase
Google Microsoft Samsung
Amazon American Express Flipkart
Jaguar Dalberg Deloitte
Intel Cisco UBS
HSBC BAIN & Company Wells Fargo
ICICI Bank Halma Blackbuck
Citibank ITC Limited BCG
Nvidia BNY Mellon RBS
UBS Miebach Sprinklr

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IIT Madras Summer Internships

Since 2015, IIT Madras has established its separate office for Internship activities. Students can get assistance and guidance from the Internship Cell, and get professional exposure at reputed companies. In the past 3 years, about 1200 students have been placed in around 160 organisations.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, American Express, Amazon, Axis Bank, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, JP Morgan, Intel and Barclays recruit students from IIT Madras for internship programs.

Candidates need to fill out registration forms, appear in written tests, group discussions and personal interviews in order to avail internships. The selected candidates are sent offer letters by the companies.

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IIT Madras Internship Stats Over the Years

More than 150 companies have participated in the IIT Madras internship programs and more than 300 students were placed in the previous session from the B.Tech course.

Given below is the table is the data for the past two sessions of IIT Madras summer internships:

Year 2018-19 2017-18
Total Number of Internships Offered 376 382
Students Registered for Internships 537 632
Total Students Placed 345 359

The Training and Placement Cell and the Internship Cell at IIT Madras offer vast opportunities and guidance to the students in the areas of employment. Students are assured high paying and secure jobs from the leading companies from India as well as abroad.

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IIT Madras Placements and Internship FAQs

Q.What is the IIT Madras Placement procedure?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

Ans: Students need to appear in the written tests, interviews and discussions that are conducted by the companies interested in recruitment. Based on their performance and other criteria, they would be sent offer letters if they are selected.

Q. Are dual degree students eligible for IIT Madras internships?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

Ans: Yes, the students pursuing dual degree at IIT Madras can take up internships at the end of the 4th year of their course.

Q.Is it compulsory for the students to register in order to participate in placements and internship activities?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

Ans: Yes, the interested students need to register themselves with the Placement Cell / Internship Cell in order to participate in IIT Madras placements or internships. They must stay updated with requirements and notices issued by the departments regarding these activities.

Q.Which department had the highest placement record for the session 2018-19?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

Ans: For the 2018-19 session, 90% of the registered students from the Computer Science and Engineering Department had been successfully placed.

Q.How can the students register for IIT Madras internships?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

Ans: The students interested in pursuing Internship programs would have to fill up and submit the Internship Registration Form by the companies. The selection process would include tests, group discussions, personal interviews etc. For further details and advice, they can contact the IIT Madras Internship Cell at IIT Madras.

IIT Kanpur Placement Report and Summer Internship Programs

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

IIT Kanpur Placements witnessed a sudden boom across all other IITs in phase-1 of the recruitment process in all the B.Tech courses. Being in the top engineering colleges at 4th NIRF 2020 Rank, IIT Kanpur not only outperformed its counterparts but also broke its own record of previous years.

  • IIT Kanpur placements witnessed some excellent recruitments from different sectors including software and data profiles, core engineering profiles, database management etc.
  • In placements, IIT Kanpur recorded a 15% overall increase this year. The dual degree holders have secured a majority of jobs as compared to the B.Tech students.
  • A total of 1045 students participated in the placement drive. Students also received 2 PPO and 5 PPI from top-reputed companies.
  • The highest salary offered at IIT Kanpur was INR 18.5 LPA whereas the median salary of INR 10 LPA offered to students.
  • The top recruiters of IIT Kanpur are Microsoft, Google, Flipkart, Microsoft, IBM, Uber etc.

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IIT Kanpur Placement Highlights 2020

Total Companies Participated 32
Students Registered for Placement 1045
Total Students Recruited 450
Highest CTC INR 18.5 Lakhs per annum
Median CTC INR 10 Lakhs per annum
Lowest CTC INR 7.5 Lakhs per annum
Total Number of Internships Offered 349

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Top IIT Kanpur Recruiter- Department wise

IIT Kanpur placement details of B.Tech and dual degree courses are given in the table below. The various departments considered are Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering etc.

IIT Kanpur Placement 2020

Department Total Percentage of Students placed
CSE 99%
EE 96%
AE 79%
CE 84%
ME 85%
MSE 80%
BSBE 89%
CHE 88%

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List of Top Companies at IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is well known for its highest placement percentage recorded amongst all IITs. There is a huge demand for IIT Kanpur graduates in the job market for their skills and qualifications. Here is the list of top recruiters of IIT Kanpur graduates:

ICICI Bank Ecom Express
HDFC Bank Tres Vista
Indiamart Sapient
GAIL Limited Deloitte
Cognizant Reckitt Benckiser
Infosys Ford
EXL Zirca
Flipkart Uber
Zomato Walmart Labs
Microsoft Jaguar
Oyo Rooms Bajaj Automobiles
Myntra Quadeye
Jumio Yahoo
Rubrik Sterlite Technologies

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IIT Kanpur Summer Internship 2020

With a year on year, the internship increase of 24% in stipend offered to the students. Student’s Placement Office facilitates internship opportunities for the students of IIT Kanpur.

  • Interested students should register for a summer internship with SPO under either academic or corporate preference. However, registration with SPO doesn’t mean any guarantee of an internship.
  • It is mandatory for students to attend the entire Summer Recruitment Process. If students fail to attend any one session, it will lead to disqualification of students from the selection process.
  • Students have to apply for internships shortlisted by SPO, verify if they meet selection criteria and must make sure that they submit required documents prior deadlines.
  • Internship priority is given to pre-final year students.
  • Dual degree students can also apply for internship provided that they submit No Objection Certificate to SPO.
  • B.Tech Students are eligible for the summer internship only in their 3rd year of graduation.

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IIT Kanpur Internship Stats over the years

In the year 2018-19, 48 recruiters participated in the internship drive and a total of 349 students secured summer internships.

  • Around 132 students who secured internships through the Student Placement Office received pre-placement offers after completion of their internship period.
  • The sectors that attract the majority of internships in order are Marketing, Analytics and Operations. Companies from different sectors like E-commerce, Media, Logistics, and Financial Services etc participate in the summer internships recruitment drive at IIT Kanpur.
  • This year, new firms like Graviton, Jumio Japan, Quad eye Securities participated in the internship drive.
  • The highest package of IIT Kanpur graduates selected under Summer Internship is INR 90,000.
  • On average, students can get a salary of INR 51,600 in internships.

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IIT Kanpur Placements and Internship FAQs

Q.How does a company recruit students of IIT Kanpur ?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

There are 2 ways to recruit IIT Kanpur students. Campus Recruitment Program is applicable only to final year students while Summer Internship Program is applicable for pre final year students.

Q.When does the placement process of IIT Kanpur start ?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

As per IIT Kanpur’s official website, the placement process usually takes place in the month of December every year.

Q.Is it possible for companies to interview students who are already placed in other companies ?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

No. IIT Kanpur follows One Student, One Job policy to give equal job opportunities or every student. Thus, once a student is placed in one company, he/she is not eligible to sit for another company.

Q.Should students pay any placement fee to attend campus recruitment at IIT Kanpur ?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

No. Students need not pay any placement fee. All interested final year students can attend campus recruitment at IIT Kanpur for free.

Q.How many students are placed in the recruitment process of IIT Kanpur on an average ?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020

Every year, 200 plus companies participate in the recruitment drive and offer around 900 job offers to students across different courses. The placement ratio of IIT Kanpur is 80%.

How is Placement at IIT Delhi?

Last updated on August 19th, 2021

IIT Delhi does cent percent justice to its reputation in all areas including campus placement drives conducted at our institution itself. Well if you are looking for a secure and promising career, then IIT Delhi will be the best option for you. As an IITian, I will say one will have the most probability for a successful career by being an IIT graduate. (more…)

SMVDU Katra: Admissions via JEE Main, Cut Off, Fees, Placements, Scholarships

Last updated on August 31st, 2021

SMVD University was established under an Act of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislature and is one of the reputed GFTIs. It is a fully residential university located near the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi, Katra, Jammu and Kashmir.

  • SMVDU has more than 20 tie-ups and houses one college of Nursing (SMVD College of Nursing), four faculties, consisting of 15 Schools.
  • Different Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Integrated and PhD courses in streams of Engineering, Science, Management, Philosophy, and other subjects are offered to the students.
  • Admissions here are granted based on the entrance test and merit-basis followed by SMVDU Direct Counselling respective to the course.
  • SMVDU Katra has collaborations with IIT Jammu; University of Jammu; National Institute of Technology Srinagar; and Government Medical College, Jammu


Highlights of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University

Establishment year 1999
Campus Katra
Accepted exams SMVDUEE, JEE Main, JAM, NATA, GATE, CAT, MAT, UGC-NET, etc.
Campus size 470 acre
Recognised by UGC, AIU, CIC, AICTE, COA
Education Full-time
Total courses 26 courses across 6 streams
Total seats 1,800+
Official website www.smvdu.ac.in
Application mode Online

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University: B. Tech Admissions via JEE MainSMVDU Katra

Admissions to B. Tech courses at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University are given based on an individual’s score in JEE Main results and seat allotment is done via JoSAA Counselling. Other than B.Tech, SMVDU also offers Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) course to aspiring candidates through JEE Main Paper 2 Ranks.

B.Tech Courses Offered

B.Tech is offered in the given 5 specializations:

Eligibility for B.Tech

  • The students planning to do a UG level course get at least 60% marks in class 10+2.
  • A minimum aggregate score of 60% is required in 10+2 (PCM division) to get admission to a UG course.
  • Along with JEE Main, candidates need to appear in the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Entrance Examination 2021 as well.


Study At SMVDU Katra During COVID-19

In view of the outbreak of COVID-19, SMVDU also started conducting online classes so that students can continue their studies.

  • The administrator at SMVDU said that considering the Covid-19 pandemic, we are providing online theory and practical classes till the situation normalizes.
  • The online classes are arranged for the students through several modes including Google classroom, Google Meet, WhatsApp video call, telephonic communication, etc.


Why Choose SMVDU Katra?

Established in 1999, SMVDU presently offers B. Tech, M. Tech and PhD level courses to the qualified students.

  • SMVDU rankings (2019): It is positioned at 81st rank for Engineering by Outlook.
  • Also, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra is among the top 100 Business Schools ranking, based on NIRF 2019 declared by MHRD.
  • The institute has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, all rooms are well-furnished and latest facilities are offered to the students living in the hostels.


SMVDU Cut Off 2020 For B.Tech Specializations

The SMVDU cut-offs given below are only for General Category students.

Branch Cut Off 2020 (OR- CR)
Computer Science and Engineering 34518-53902
Electronics and Communication Engineering 42951-61432
Electrical Engineering 53294-64590
Mechanical Engineering 51304-65358
Civil Engineering 49311-66011

SMVDU Cut Off  2020Check

SMVDU Reservation Via JoSAA

Given below are the seats at SMVDU for various category students, applying for admission to B.Tech-

B.Tech Reservation
Open 41
Open Pwd 1
SC 13
SC-Pwd 1
ST 9
ST-PwD 0


Faculty at SMVDU Katra

SMVDU appoints the best and highly deserving faculty members who use the best teaching methodologies while teaching students. Some of the faculty members who are working at SMVDU include:

  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta – Head of School (School of Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Dr. Kumud Ranjan Jha, Designation: Associate Professor & Head of Department
  • Dr. Vipan Kakkar, Designation: Associate Professor
  • Dr. Sumeet Gupta, Designation: Associate Professor, SECE & Dean (Academic Affairs)
  • Dr. Amit Kant Pandit, Designation: Associate Professor


Various Facilities Provided at SMVDU Katra Campus

SMVDU provides many facilities to the students which makes it easier for them to continue their studies. Some of the facilities offered to the students studying here include:

  • Hostel:
    • There are separate hostels for boys and girls.
    • All SMVDU hostels have Wi-Fi connectivity and many other facilities are offered like water purifiers, mess, power and water supply, catering facility, etc.
  • Sports:
    • Students get a chance to play indoor and outdoor games and stay entertained and energetic all the time.
  • Gym:
    • For the students, a well-equipped gymnasium is also constructed inside the campus so that students can stay fit.
    • Moreover there are numerous clubs in which students can take part.
  • Additional Facilities: 
    • SMVDU campus is well-equipped with all kinds of facilities like power and water supply, Bank, ATM Facility and Post Office, Auditorium, medical aid centre, Transportation, Guest House, Catering Facility, Schools for children, etc.


SMVDU Placements

SMVDU has a separate placement cell that aims at offering the best career solution to the students. The placement cell offers placement support to the students and aimed at improving their skills so that they can have a bright career.

  • Some of the top recruiters include Airtel, Intel, Wipro, IFB, Cipla, Cognizant, HDFC, TCS, Berger Paints etc.
  • The maximum salary offered to the graduates this year witnessed a significant growth as compared to the last years.
  • Several companies took part in the placement drive.

SMVDU Recruitment Highlights

Highest CTC INR 7 LPA
Average Salary Offered INR 3.5 LPA
Number of Companies 24+

SMVDU PlacementsCheck

Scholarships Offered at SMVDU Katra

The University grants several scholarships to the deserving and meritorious students, the scholarships are offered under different categories and parameters. Different types of SMVDU scholarships are mentioned below:

  • Student Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme (SMMSS):
    • In this kind of scholarship, the university offers financial support in terms of semester tuition fee waiver and hostel fee waiver.
    • The amount varies from 10 percent to 100 percent based on the merit.
  • Other Scholarships:
    • Scholarships like Shakti are offered to the meritorious girl students and Special Scholarship Scheme for meritorious students who want to do B. Tech, BArch and MBA at SMVDU.
    • In this scheme, the deserving students get a complete tuition fee waiver on first three to five semesters which is respective to the rank / score obtained in qualifying exams

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SMVDU Fee Structure for B.Tech Courses

The details of SMVDU fees for B.Tech courses is given below:

Particulars Amount (In INR)
Tuition Fees 60,000
Annual Fees 15,000
One time Fees 11,750
Hostel Fees 20,000


Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University FAQs

Q.Does SMVDU have any uniform or dress code?

Last updated on December 4th, 2020

Answer: No, SMVDU has no uniform or dress code.

Q.Is SMVDU a private university?

Last updated on December 4th, 2020

Answer: No, SMVDU is not a private university. It is a state university.

Q.Can I get admission in Electrical Engineering with 60,000 rank?

Last updated on December 4th, 2020

Answer: Yes, you can get admission in Electrical Engineering with 60,000 rank as the cut off for 2020 was 53294-64590.

Ques: When does the application process begin at SMVDU for B. Tech courses?

Last updated on October 8th, 2020

Ans: The application process here begins in June/July each year.

Ques: What is the average package offered to the students post completing their UG at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University?

Last updated on October 8th, 2020

Ans: Graduates post completing their course gets a starting package worth INR 5-76 LPA.

Ques: Can I get good placements at SMVDU?

Last updated on October 8th, 2020

Ans: Yes, the institute has a separate placement cell whose roles and responsibilities include taking care of the activities related to grooming students for placements.