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MANIT Bhopal Placements Report and Summer Internship Programs

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

NIT Bhopal (MANIT) is one of those prestigious colleges whose placement histories are blooming. Every year, MANIT Bhopal Placements provide a considerable proportion of students with jobs in estimable companies. Since the year 1960, this institute brings out quality engineers who operate phenomenally in the corporate industry.

  • NIT Bhopal has a placement committee, which pursues a healthy and fruitful association with many rising and flourishing companies that enables its students to initiate their career with a distinct prospect.
  • Students have seized jobs both from Indian and International companies during MANIT placement season.
  • MANIT Bhopal average package offered was INR 12 LPA. MANIT Bhopal highest package offered was INR 62 LPA while lowest was INR 6 LPA.
  • Some of NIT Bhopal top recruiters are Maruti Suzuki, Capgemini, TCS Ltd., Honda Cars, Wipro, Hero Motocorp, L&T ECC etc have thorough confidence in this top-ranking college and its tutee.
  • The soaring recruited sector is software with a rate of 61%. NIT Bhopal M.Tech placements are also satisfactory with a placement rate of 75%.
  • This institute also organizes an internship with and without gratuity to make its students industry ready.

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MANIT Bhopal Placements Highlights

Placement Percentage 84%
Highest Recruited branch CSE
Highest CTC Offered INR 62 LPA 
Average CTC Offered INR 12 LPA
Lowest CTC Offered INR 6 LPA
Total Number of Jobs Offered 250+
Total number of recruiters 160+

MANIT Bhopal Placements Highest Salary

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MANIT Bhopal Placements: Department Wise

Chemical Engineering 73.68%
Civil Engineering 45.00%
Computer Science and Engineering 94.57%
Electrical Engineering 73.00%
Electronics and Communication Engineering 78.36%
Mechanical Engineering 65.85%
Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 65.63%

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List of Top Companies at MANIT Placements

A number of venerated companies visited the campus during MANIT Bhopal placements 2020 to hand-pick the most meritorious candidates for several job profiles. The placement session 2019-20 was remarkable by the visit of the jumbos such as Flipkart, Meesho and Bounce to our campus for recruiting the brilliant minds of the institute.

Maruti Suzuki Capgemini Honda cars Mahindra & Mahindra
TCS Ltd. Wipro Hero motocorp Birla Century Cement
Flipkart Meesho Godrej Saint Gobain

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MANIT Bhopal Summer Internships

  • This year the Training and Placement Cell of MANIT is doing outstanding work to provide 2 to 6 month for pre-placement and apprentice opportunities to pre-final year students. This has secured a lot of admiration from the parents of these students which resulted in the students paying for their college semester fees themselves and they are no longer dependent on their parents for the same.
  • Big MNCs like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Amazon and many others are ready to pay as much as INR 30,000 per month for interns to secure these quick-witted students. And these Internships get remould to Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) in the final year offering packages like INR 30 LPA.
  •  A good number of Internships has expanded to 5 times as compared to last year. All the notable start-ups which are dropping in IITs for pre-placement opportunities are also showing up interest in MANIT for internships.
  • Goldman Sachs, is one of the significant investment banking companies of the US , it has bumped up the placement bar for the institute by paying a visit to the campus. This company proffers the goodly package to a neophyte in the country for remuneration of 45 LPA and a posting in London. This has set a new threshold for the students of the institute.
  • Moreover the Training and Placement Cell has been functioning incessantly to create a groundbreaking placement session this year. MANIT, the state’s top-ranking engineering institute is doing nonpareil in the placement session of the year 2016-17.
  • Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Axtria, Factset and some respected core companies have visited the Madhya Pradesh state for the first time for Internships. These companies asserted that the students of the NIT Bhopal were outstanding in their technical and scientific knowledge and that they would do stupendous work in every field they yearn to follow.


  • Candidate can pursue certain internship course only after 6th semester
  • Candidate must secure at least 7.5 CGPA without having any backlog
  • Students from B.TECH/B.PLAN shall be qualified for internship as contrast to B.ARCH program which has provision of one sem internship in final year.

Guidelines for Internships

There will be two guides who would administer the internship work. One will be in-house supervisor from the original department and the external will be from the industry.

  • Student functioning in internship must submit his month wise attendance and work growth report to his parent department.
  • Candidates must register with MANIT Bhopal as per rules laid down by the institution.

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MANIT Bhopal Placements and Internship FAQs

Q: What is the proportion of students positioned in MANIT Bhopal Placements 2020 2019?

Last updated on January 13th, 2021

A: Total 85% of students who earned job offers from first-rate companies across the globe this year.

Q: How many companies pitched in MANIT Bhopal Placements 2020?

Last updated on January 13th, 2021

A: For the MANIT Bhopal Placements 2019-20, more than 250 companies visited.

Q: Does international companies go in for MANIT Bhopal Placements 2020?

Last updated on January 13th, 2021

A: Yes, every year, several international companies from numerous countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, UK etc take part in MANIT Bhopal Placements.


Q: Which are the companies that proffer an internship to the freshers at MANIT BHOPAL?

Last updated on January 13th, 2021

A: Big MNCs like Goldman Sachs, NUtanix, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, ServiceNow and several others propose internship programs to the students of MANIT.

Q: Which were the chief recruiters at MANIT Bhopal Placements 2020?

Last updated on January 13th, 2021

A: Some of the prominent recruiters of MANIT BHOPAL were 3Dplm, Facebook, Nokia Networks, Abacus Consult, Fiat Automobiles, Nucleus Soft, Abb Ltd., Fiat Gr. (Magnetti), Nuegen Soft, Acc Ltd, Flairsoft, One97 Commn, Accenture, Futures First, Oracle Applications Dev etc.