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IIIT Ranchi Placements Report and Summer Internship Programs

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

IIIT Ranchi placements are for all the students who graduate out during that particular year. The number of students who graduate range from 100-120 every year. The scope of the students that graduate are very good, as all of them are selected only on the basis of their Joint Entrance Exam (JEE Mains) score. It has two courses, with an admission for the UG programme being 60 each. The two courses offered are B.Tech (honors) in Computer Science Engineering, and B.Tech (Honors) in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

  • The total strength of students graduating in Academic Session 2020 – 2021 is 103.
  • Since its first batch was in 2016, the number of intakes and the number of companies as well are only slowly starting to increase, which is a good sign.
  • In 2019-20, a total of 11 companies came to the campus.
  • Some of the international companies that came were OnePlus, the famous mobile brand, and Legato Insurance, which is a US based health insurance company.
  • Some famous companies like Tata, IRIS Business were also some of the companies.
  • IIIT Ranchi Placements are also for Summer internships.
  • The college has made sure some companies come to the college for summer internship recruitments as well, including international companies.
  • A total of 19 students were placed through the campus internship programme, with one student being placed in Spain.
  • There were both paid and unpaid internships, with the average stipend being INR 10,000.

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IIIT Ranchi Placements Highlights 2020

Total Companies Participated 11
Students Registered for Placement 32
Total Students Recruited 28
Highest CTC / Package INR 12.40 LPA
Average CTC / Package INR 6.90 LPA
Median CTC / Package INR 6 LPA
Lowest CTC / Package INR 5 LPA
Total Number of Internships Offered 17

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IIIT Ranchi Placements Statistics

Program No. of Students Registered No. of Students Placed
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering 15 11
B.Tech – Electronics and Communication Engineering 17 17
Total 32 28

IIIT Ranchi Placements StatsRead More

IIIT Ranchi Placements: Department-Wise

IIIT Ranchi has two departments, B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering and B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering. There are roughly 60 students in each programme, totalling up to 120 people. In the latest batch, 15 people registered from the B.Tech CSE batch, with 11 of them getting placed. This is no match for the B.Tech ECE department, which hit a homerun of 100% of the registered students getting placed, with all the 17 people who registered getting placed.

Department Percentage of Students placed
B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering 73%
B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering 100%

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List of Top Companies at IIIT Ranchi Placements

Since this is only the first batch, the number of companies that came for placements were a bit less, with the total being 11. But even in that 11, there were a lot of reputed and well established companies like Tata, One Plus and so on. Given below are the entire list of companies that came for placements to IIIT Ranchi, batch of 2016-2020.

Company Name Number of Offers
Affine Analytics 3
BNY Mellon 1
Futures First 1
GreyB 2
IRIS Business 2
Legato Health 1
OnePlus 2
Vassarlabs 7
Virtusa 5
Wiley Next 1
Total 28

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IIIT Ranchi Summer Internship Programs

A number of organizations come in to interview and select the IIIT Ranchi students for internships and placements. Anybody who does not have any standing arrears are eligible for an internship. This happens in the 6th semester of a student, which is the end of the third year of studies, and it helps them to learn about the job while they are studying. In 2019, there were a total of 19 people who were selected for both paid and unpaid internships. This also includes international internships. Here are the stats for the summer internship of 2019.

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IIIT Ranchi Summer Internship Stats Over the Years

The total number of internships offered last year was 19. Out of this, 9 of them were paid internships. Some of the top companies that came were Parkshed India Pvt. Ltd., and Semusi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The average stipend that was offered was INR 10,000 The detailed statistics of summer internship programmes is given below.

Internship type Number/Stipend
Paid 9
Unpaid 8
Academic 2
Average Stipend INR 10,000
Total internships 19

In short, the IIIT Ranchi placements are not at all bad for the first passing out batch. Out of a 120 students, nearly 30 students have gotten placed, which is average for the first batch. While it needs improvement, one should look at the magnitude of companies that came for placements, namely Tata and OnePlus.

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IIIT Ranchi Placements and Internship FAQs

Q: Is it tough to gain an internship in IIIT Ranchi?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2021

It is to a certain extent. The college itself selects only a very few percentage of the entire students for summer internships. One should try to get more off campus placements for internships alone.

Q: What is the diversity of IIIT Ranchi recruitments?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2021

The diversity is below average. The intake of men is 80% while only 20% of women are selected.

Q: Is there a placement cell at IIIT Ranchi?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2021

Yes, there is a placement cell to assist graduates to get a job very easily. They will also help to improve your profile, draft a CV and so on.