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Mythbuster: JEE Main 2020 rescheduled for July 2020 is fake

Last updated on April 20th, 2020

While social media truly helps individuals like students in conveying information in a blink of an eye, it has an obvious disadvantage. There’s no official stamp on the information being conveyed, other than it is just another text, post or image. Recently, images were circulated on social media of an NTA public notice stating that the JEE Main 2020 April session has been rescheduled to the first week of July 2020.

Soon after this, NTA released a notice on the official website stating that the notice is fake and clarified all the JEE Main 2020 aspirants about the falsity of the fake notice.

JEE Main July 2020 Mythbuster

NTA also stated that strict legal action will be taken against anyone producing or circulating the fake information which could mislead the aspirants for JEE Main 2020 (April session). FIR will be filed under IT Act and also under the Indian Penal Code against anyone who even promotes such misinformation.

So, to end the myth, JEE Main is not scheduled for July 2020. Prevent from spreading such false notices and do not share these messages or images without cross-checking on the official website of JEE Main 2020. In case you think the information might not be officially published but is still true, call the helpline numbers for JEE Main 2020.

Officially, JEE Main 2020 April session is only scheduled for the end of May 2020 without any confirmed dates, which also depends on the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak and the precautions that the Union Government might have to take to prevent the disease.