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IIT Guwahati Placements Report and Summer Internship Programs

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

IIT Guwahati Placements recorded a comprehensive placement history of about 65.28% in B.Tech courses with more than 147 top recruiters. An aggregate amount of 690 scholars have been recruited in several domains by various companies across the nation and world.

  • The institute has about more than 300 recruiting proposals obtained from huge corporations encompassing Goldman Sachs, JPMC, Google, IBM, Bajaj, American Express and Oracle.
  • Based on the information provided by the chief of the Career Development Centre at IIT Guwahati, the amount of global bids exceeded twice of the prior year’s whole in the following day of sequences itself. The tasks have been given in distinct contours particularly as IT/Software, Analyst, Finance, Management, Design, etc.
  • While in the IIT Guwahati Placements, about 250 firms retained the job opportunities for students of the institute.
  • The institution also stands high for the number of students registered for internships by recording about 600 in the past year.

Some of the top recruiters at IIT Guwahati Placements were Uber, Microsoft, Accenture Japan, BNY Mellon USA, SOU Japan, etc.

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IIT Guwahati Placements Highlights 2020

Particulars  Details 
Total number of recruiters visited 147
Placement percentage of the year 65.28%
Total number of students enrolled for the campus recruitment 1060
Total number of multinational firms visited for recruitment 29
Total number of overall placement offers 691
Highest package of the year INR 1.5 crores offered by Microsoft
Top recruiters of the year Google, IBM, Bajaj, American Express, Oracle, Uber and Microsoft

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IIT Guwahati Placements Statistics

Under the student’s category of B.Tech and B.Des (undergraduate), the total number of jobs offered ranged about 491.

  • The all-around placement of B.Tech and B.Des scholars ranged about 87.52% while the prevailing placement of M.Tech and M.Des amateurs recorded about 51.84%.
Name of the course or program  Number of students took part in the recruitment processes Total number of students placed from the program
B.Tech. & B.Des. 561 students 491 students
M.Tech. & M.Des. 353 students 183 students
M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) 55 students 11 students

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Top IIT Guwahati Recruitments – Department wise

Name of the department  Total number of registered candidates Number of candidates placed through campus placement Number of candidates placed through PPOs Total number of students placed
CSE 86 57 28 85
ME 75 57 5 62
EEE (ECE) 70 46 19 65
CL 56 45 2 47
CE 52 42 0 42
Mathematics(MNC) 48 35 12 47
EEE (EEE) 40 29 8 37
BSBE(BT) 36 24 0 24
DD 36 22 4 26
Chemistry (CST) 31 27 3 30
Physics (EP) 31 25 1 26

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IIT Guwahati Placements: List of Top Companies

The students of IIT Guwahati earned opportunities for job placements from several top firms such as

  • Microsoft
  • Uber
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMC
  • IBM
  • Nutanix
  • American Express
  • Quadeye
  • Oracle
  • Bajaj
  • Google
  • Quadeye Securities
  • Analog Device
  • Atlassian
  • Flipkart
  • Wipro
  • Mahindra
  • TCS
  • Accenture Japan
  • SOU Japan
  • Square point Capital
  • L&T
  • Human Resocia
  • BNY Mellon-US

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IIT Guwahati Summer Internships

A pupil wanting to partake in the internship workouts ( inside the country or abroad) shall have to guarantee an accomplishment (a statement application) before the initial four weeks of the 5th semester if in any of the courses in B.Tech./B.Des.

  • A student from 2nd semester in MSc/MA department shall have to be deemed for the apprenticeship training.
  • The application must be acknowledged only via the faculty in charge of Placement of the divisions.
  • The management shall appoint a Student Internship volunteer (identical to the ordering representative) who coordinates every intern activities of the pupils of each department.
  • Once after getting done with the selection process, a student nominated by a firm/association for an apprenticeship, he/she shall remain as not considerable for any following scenarios of training.
  • Students shall be granted an allowance only to receive one internship offer in any part of India or abroad for the internship relieves those standing through the college.

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IIT Guwahati Internship stats over the year

A total of 181 students got placed for several internship programs, while in the past year, the number ranged about 264 students. Over more than 600 students had themselves enrolled for various internship programs.

In tenures of internship contour, pupils from IIT Guwahati retained several overtures for positions such as Software development engineer, Research intern, Graduate trainee Engineer, Lead IT associate, Analyst, quant research etc.

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IIT Guwahati Placements and Internships FAQs

Q.What is the average salary package offered to students of IIT Guwahati?

Last updated on November 25th, 2020

The average salary package of students from IIT Guwahati remains 20 lakhs per year.

Q.Which branch of engineering has the highest probability of getting placed during campus recruitment?

Last updated on November 25th, 2020

Computer science and engineering remain a vital one that tops the list of students recruited in the past year.