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IIT Dharwad Placements Report and Summer Internship Programs

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First on-campus IIT Dharwad Placements will take place in 2020 as it is relatively new. So, far 29 companies have visited the campus and offered internships to around 80% of interested students. Career Development Cell takes care of all the placement activities of IIT Dharwad.

  • IIT Dharwad admits students in B.Tech courses through JEE Main & JEE Advanced exams, followed by JoSAA Counselling.
  • On an average, companies offer IIT Dharwad graduates a monthly pay of INR 30,000 to INR 60,000.
  • Majority of the B.Tech students are placed in the Engineering and Technology sector.
  • It is to be noted that IIT Dharwad Internship drives have also bagged decent offers. The highest monthly stipend paid so far to a student is at INR 80,000 by Microsoft.
  • IIT Dharwad graduates, due to their skills and capabilities, were offered internships in countries like Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and US.

The top recruiters of IIT Dharwad are Air Asia, Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, L&T, Nasdaq, McAfee etc. The first batch of IIT Dharwad students will graduate in 2020 and the data has not been provided.

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IIT Dharwad Placements Highlights 2020 (Ongoing)

Total Companies Participated 29
Students Interested for Placement 80.02%
Total Students Recruited 450
Highest CTC INR 9.6 LPA
Median CTC INR 5.4 LPA
Lowest CTC INR 3.6 LPA
Total Number of Internships Offered Not available

NOTE: IIT Dharwad has not officially released its placement report statistics yet. The data available on the table above is from the IIT Dharwad summer internship report.

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List of Top Companies at IIT Dharwad Placements

There is a huge demand for IIT Dharwad graduates in the job market for their skills and qualifications. Majority of the students are employed in Bangalore, IT hub of India. Here is the list of top recruiters of IIT Dharwad :

Aequs Aerospace G7 CR Technologies Pvt Ltd
Air Asia ITI Limited
Ajirasoft K12 Techno Services Pvt Ltd
Broadridge L&T ECC
Cognizant MAQ Softwares
Deevia MBB Labs
Express Analytics McAfee
Microsoft MMRFIC Technology Pvt Ltd
Nasdaq RAAM
TCS R&I Sohum Innovations
DRDO Google
Synergy Vayavya Labs
Honda Lekha Wireless
Engimat Simulation Fin Momenta Pvt Ltd

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IIT Dharwad Summer Internship

IIT Dharwad placements take place through a tier based system depending on the Gross pay offered by the company. The companies that offer higher gross pay are provided earlier shots. The final year students of IIT Dharwad should mandatorily register for campus recruitment process. The students who secure jobs at PSUs, Government Ministries and Indian Army are deregistered from Career Development Cell.

Career Development Cell facilitates summer internship opportunities for the students of IIT Dharwad. The procedure of IIT Dharwad internship details are as follows:

  • The Career Development Cell of IIT Dharwad invites companies to participate in the internship procedure of the campus.
  • Interested companies fill out Internship Notification Form available on Career Development Cell (CDC) website of IIT Dharwad.
  • CDC collects a list of interested and eligible students and sends them to the respective company.
  • The companies conduct the various preliminary examinations.
  • As per the internship procedure, companies select candidates and send offer letters to the Career Development Cell Internship wing.
  • CDC sends confirmation to companies and finalizes selected students. The selected students can start working as interns in the selected company with a given internship offer.

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IIT Dharwad Internship Stats Over the Years

  • In the year 2018-19, 80.2 % students were interested in doing an internship while 19.8% were not interested.IIT Dharwad Internship, IIT Dharwad Placements
  • The students of IIT Dharwad who got the internship are at 80%.
  • Career Development Cell of IIT Dharwad has helped around 64.6% to get internships while the remaining 35.4% applied for internships on their own and received it.
  • 81.5% of IIT Dharwad graduates opted for Industrial internship while the remaining students opted for Academic internship
  • Majority of the students were placed in Engineering and Technology, Research and development and IT. Other sectors where students got placed include Analysis, Education and PSUs.
  • In terms of location, majority of IIT Dharwad graduates got placed in Bangalore, IT capital of India.
  • Internships for IIT Dharwad students were offered outside India such as Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and US.
  • The highest stipend so far offered to IIT Dharwad students is by Microsoft Research at INR 80,000 per month.

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IIT Dharwad Placements and Internship FAQs

Q: How does a company recruit students of IIT Dharwad?

Companies can either fill details of Job Notification Form (JNF) to recruit students for full time jobs or companies can fill out Internship Notification Form (INF) to recruit students as interns. Both the forms are available on the Career Development Cell website of IIT Dharwad.

Q: Should students pay any placement fee to attend IIT Dharwad recruitment?

No. Students need not pay any placement fee. Interested students can participate in placement procedures for free.

Q: How many students are placed in the IIT Dharwad recruitment process on an average?

A total of 29 companies visited IIT Dharwad campus in 2018-19 and around 80% students got placed.

Q: What is the expected average salary package for B.Tech graduates in IIT Dharwad placements?

The expected pay scale for IIT Dharwad graduates on an average is approximately INR 6 to 7 lakhs. More authentic data regarding this will be published soon after the first campus placements are completed at IIT Dharwad and the placement statistics are published.