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GKV Haridwar Cut Off: JEE Main Opening & Closing Ranks

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 01:16 pm

GKV Haridwar (Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya) is a ‘Deemed to be University’ fully funded by the University Grants Commission Act of 1956 of the Government of India. Admission to the institute is through JEE Main exam, where the candidate should have at least the specified GKV Haridwar cut off.

  • Each of the departments has 115 seats and thus, 460 seats in total.
  • The admission to B.Tech courses at GKV Haridwar is conducted through JEE Main examination, followed by JoSAA Counseling.
  • JoSAA announces GKV Haridwar cut off every year for all the categories, considering the number of applications in each course.
  • JoSAA Counseling for all the participating institutes are done in 7 rounds, where the candidates will be allotted courses and colleges according to their choice and JEE Main cut off.

This article analyses GKV Haridwar cut off for the previous years, to give the aspirants an idea about cut off trends.

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GKV Haridwar Cut Off Ranks Analysis- 2019 vs 2018

Courses 2018 Closing Ranks 2019 Closing Ranks
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 48067 45610
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 57305 54476
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 57379 55948
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 58325 57034
  • Comparing GKV Haridwar cut off for 2018 and 2019, there is clearly a raise in 2019 ranks for all B.Tech specializations.
  • The closing ranks for Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering have gone up about 3000.
  • While for Electrical Engineering the increase is about 2000 ranks and for Mechanical Engineering it is 1000 more than 2018.
  • The course with the highest closing rank among all B.Tech specializations at GKV Haridwar is Computer Science & Engineering in both 2018 and 2019.

GKV Haridwar Cut Off Analysis- 2019 vs 2018Check Out

GKV Haridwar Cut Off 2019 for B.Tech Specializations

JoSAA Cut Off Ranks 2019 for GKV Haridwar are given below. These ranks are decided by JoSAA while allocating seats in various colleges, based on multiple factors. However, the candidates score these ranks in JEE Main and rank list is published by NTA.

JEE Main Cut Off Round 1

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 18095 – 32627 8868 – 11937 5033 – 6642 2715 – 3756 4269 – 4694 982 – 1270
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 30728 – 38156 11668 – 13531 5326 – 7690 3685 – 4176 4885 – 5196 1674 – 1978
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 23998 – 39448 10806 – 13269 6028 – 7743 2470 – 3695 5080 – 5447 1115 – 1563
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 31919 – 41105 11842 – 14102 6497 – 7984 2750 – 4140 5463 – 5633 1306 – 2147

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JEE Main Cut Off Round 2

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 27953 – 36805 931 – 13158 7101 – 8264 3781 – 4500 4736 – 4997 1579 – 1900
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 37483 – 43103 13262 – 14740 8228 – 8924 3685 – 4767 5512 – 5767 3003 – 3160
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 30698 – 45153 11718 – 14904 6028 – 8951 3242 – 4529 5787 – 6042 2433 – 2433
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 32784 – 46709 12799 – 15515 6682 – 9083 2750 – 4735 6023 – 6192 2621 – 2621

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JEE Main Cut Off Round 3

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 27953 – 38862 9931 – 13673 7301 – 8538 3945 – 4716 4968 – 5456 1900 – 1900
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 37483 – 46994 13652 – 15457 8228 – 9518 3685 – 5001 6065 – 6389
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 30698 – 483664 12535 – 15817 6028 – 9554 3242 – 4767 6154 – 6560
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 32784 – 49217 13790 – 16364 6682 – 9675 4558 – 5031 6274 – 6522

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JEE Main Cut Off Round 4

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 27953 – 39258 9931 – 13953 7301 – 8729 3945 – 4978 5108 – 5652 1900 – 1900
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 39329 – 49225 13652 – 15811 8321 – 9865 3685 – 5026 6363 – 6595
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 30698 – 49596 13025 – 16247 6028 – 9704 3242 – 4849 6510 – 6769
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 32784 – 50541 13790 – 16698 6682 – 9911 4558 – 5184 6521 – 6757

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JEE Main Cut Off Round 5

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 27953 – 39469 10412 – 14167 7301 – 8733 3945 – 5036 5108 – 5728 1900 – 1900
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 39745 – 50439 13652 – 16107 8321 – 9903 3685 – 5137 6478 – 6651
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 30698 – 50927 13759 – 16555 6028 – 9768 3242 – 4849 6510 – 6938
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 32784 – 51600 13790 – 17021 6682 – 10186 4558 – 5272 6521 – 6905

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JEE Main Cut Off Round 6

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 27953 – 40550 10412 – 14333 7301 – 8765 3945 – 5036 5196 – 5765 1900 – 1900
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 39745 – 51363 13652 – 16497 8321 – 10151 3685 – 5137 6522 – 6655
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 39193 – 52151 13759 – 16828 6028 – 9865 3242 – 4885 6832 – 7081
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 32784 – 52697 14153 – 17333 6682 – 10268 4558 – 5398 6680 – 7058

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JEE Main Cut Off Round 7

Courses General OBC SC ST EWS General PwD
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 32560 – 45610 11958 – 15419 7468 – 9240 3495 – 5229 5806 – 6209 1900 – 1900
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 45808 – 54476 14846 – 17430 9251 – 10882 4289 – 5565 6876 – 7161
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 43699 – 55948 15239 – 17956 6028 – 10235 3632 – 5310 7094 – 7313
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 32784 – 57034 15100 – 18411 8928 – 10848 4558 – 5717 7238 – 7431

GKV Haridwar cut off for 2019 indicates that the course which had most competition for admission was Computer Science and Engineering. The 7th round closing rank for CSE was 45610, which is the highest among all four courses. Yet, GKV Haridwar cut off is far lesser than that of several NITs and IIITs. Candidates can check the cut off trend at GKV Haridwar to know the chances of getting admission for your desired B.Tech courses.

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GKV Haridwar Cut Off FAQs

Q: What is GKV Haridwar cut off trend for the previous years?

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 11:19 am

Ans.GKV Haridwar cut off for the previous years has witnessed an increase in all B.Tech courses. The closing ranks went up about 5000 ranks for each specialization when comparing 2019 to 2018.

Q: What is the minimum JEE Main cut off for B.Tech admission at GKV Haridwar?

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 11:20 am

Ans.Candidates need to get at least a rank within 57000, to get admission at the institute, which was the last rank of Mechanical Engineering at GKV Haridwar

  1. Are there any seat reservations at GKV Haridwar?
  2. Yes, 27% of the seats are reserved for OBC, 15% for SC, 7.5% for ST, 10% for EWS and 5% for vertical reservation for PwD candidates. The cut off for all these categories are also announced separately.

GKV Haridwar: Admissions via JEE Main, Cut Off Ranks, Fees, Scholarships

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 06:45 pm

GKV Haridwar, or Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, is a college situated in the City of Haridwar. The college is founded upon the ancient Indian Vedic System of Gurukulas and aims at inculcating a Vedic tradition into education.

Located in Uttarakhand, around 200 km away from the capital state of Delhi, the college is situated nearby all the local transport facilities and other attractions. Established in 1902 by Sanyasi Swami Shraddhanand, the university has a very elaborate and vivid history of more than a century. It is a deemed university fully funded by the UGC.

  • The most popular course at GKV Haridwar is B.Tech.
  • Several different courses from Engineering, Arts, Life Sciences are available at the college.
  • Most Fortune 500 companies seek talent from Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya.
  • At GKV Haridwar, admission is done through JEE Main for B.Tech.

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GKV Haridwar Highlights

Type of University Public
Official Website www.gkv.ac.in
Type of Programs Diploma, UG, PG, and PhD
Popular Program B.Tech
Admission Criteria JEE Main/JoSAA/CSAB/10+2 (for B.Tech)
Application Mode Online
Entrance Exam JEE Main

GKV Haridwar: B.Tech Admissions Through JEE Main

GKV Haridwar

Admission for B.Tech at Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar via JEE Main is a simple process handled through JEE Main Counselling. The Engineering Department of GKV is very well established with a very well equipped laboratory, excellent infrastructure, and other great facilities as well. Read below to find out more about the GKV Number of Seats, Admission through JEE Main, GKV B.Tech Specializations, and more.

GKV B.Tech Courses Offered and Number of Seats

Branch Seats (Including EWS)
Electronics and Communications Engineering 115
Electrical Engineering 115
Computer Science Engineering 115
Mechanical Engineering 115
Total 460

Eligibility for B.Tech

For admission to B.Tech courses at GKV Haridwar,

  • Candidates must have passed 12th examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects from any recognized board.
  • The candidate also must have cleared JEE Main Cut Off

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GKV Haridwar: Admission Process for B.Tech

  • Admission is done strictly on the basis of merit obtained in JEE Main and by rules set by CSAB /JoSAA.
  • You will have to apply via the official website at https://www.gkv.ac.in/
  • Fill up all relevant details and appear for counselling on the allotted date & time.
  • You have to attend counselling with all original documents including – 10+2 Mark Sheets & Certificates, Migration Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate, Reservation Certificate(If Applicable), Score Card & Admit Card of JEE Main
  • After the seat is allotted, you have to complete the rest of the formalities including paying the fee, submission of documents etc.
  • Once a seat is allocated you have the option of upgrading to the preferred branch if seats open up.
  • You can also apply for B.Tech Direct Entry into the second year.
  • The eligibility for direct entry is Diploma in Engineering with a minimum of 50% or B.Sc with Mathematics as a subject and minimum 60%
  • There is a 5% relaxation for SC/ST candidates.

GKV Haridwar Cut Offs for Top B.Tech Courses

JEE Main cut offs for Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar B.Tech courses are quite high, as it is one of India’s most reputed universities. The College Faculty, Administration and other facilities are also on par with some of the best colleges and universities in India.

Branch 2017 2018 2019
Electronics and Communications Engineering 31545-49832 46800-57305 45808-54476
Electrical Engineering 39355-50164 33400-57379 43699-55948
Computer Science Engineering 33629-43501 33883-48067 32560-45610
Mechanical Engineering 31787-50047 43466-58325 32784-57034

GKV Haridwar Cutoff Analysis B.tech Top Courses

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Study At GKV Haridwar During COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar has also gone into lockdown abiding government orders and considering students’ safety.

  • The regular academic session is on pause due to the situation.
  • GKV Haridwar has provided alternatives like online classes to cope with the situation and help students stay in touch with the curriculum.
  • The authorities have also taken measures to conduct sessional exams through Google Classrooms.
  • Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar has taken steps to encourage students to adapt with e-learning and has also conducted sessions to help with the same.

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Why Choose Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar? 

GKV Haridwar is one of the best engineering colleges in the state of Uttarakhand. Situated around 200 km from the Capital City of Delhi, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar is also a deemed University.

  • The university takes the culture and traditions of India very seriously and seeks to inculcate this knowledge into modern educational practices.
  • Being a deemed University offers many advantages to the students of GKV, as each department can set their own syllabus matching International standards.
  • The university offers excellent infrastructure for the ease-of-learning of the students.
  • The assessment of the papers is also done faster than in other universities.
  • Besides these advantages, the college also has a very excellent placement cell that ensures employment to all the students of any branch.
  • The classes have also been moved online for the time being, with further instructions regarding practicals pending decision.

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GKV Haridwar Cut Off 2019 For B.Tech Specializations

Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar offers 4 specialisations in the field of engineering, namely Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. There are reservations as per government norms and rules. Here are the branch-wise cut offs for the year 2019 so that you can get an idea of the admission process at GKV Haridwar.

Computer Science Engineering

Category Cut Off (OR-CR)
General 32560-45610
OBC 11958-15419
SC 7468-9240
ST 3945-5229
EWS 5806-6209
General PwD 1900-1900

Electrical Engineering

Category Cut Off (OR-CR)
General 43699-55948
OBC 15239-17956
SC 6028-10235
ST 3632-5310
EWS 7094-7313
General PwD

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Category Cut Off (OR-CR)
General 45808-54476
OBC 14846-17430
SC 9251-10882
ST 4289-5565
EWS 6876-7161
General PwD

Mechanical Engineering

Category Cut Off (OR-CR)
General 32784-57034
OBC 15100-18411
SC 8928-10848
ST 4558-5717
EWS 7238-7431
General PwD

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GKV Haridwar: Reservation Through JEE Main Counselling

Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar also offers reservations based on government norms and policies of JoSAA. Aside from these, the institute also offers seats on the basis of the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) which offers seats to the students from J&K.

Category Reservation of Seats(In Percentage)
OBC 27%
SC 15%
ST 7.5%
EWS 10%
PwD 5% vertical reservation

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Faculty at GKV Haridwar

The faculty at Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya is outstanding. Some of the state’s most eminent citizens of India have been a part of GKV Haridwar. Notable, the Chancellor of GKV, Dr Satya Pal Singh, is a former minister of Human Resource Development as well as being a former Police Commissioner of Mumbai. As of now, he is an MP representing the Baghpat constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

  • The faculty of GKV is highly trained and very well qualified.
  • Since GKV Haridwar is affiliated to the UGC, the faculty is hired to match the highest standards.
  • The professors all have cleared NET/SET, and many have completed their PhDs from well-established universities.

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Various Facilities Provided at GKV Haridwar Campus

Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya has a lot of facilities for the students. The campus is boys only, and there is a separate campus for girls.

  • Each department has a well-equipped lab and a Library as per its requirements.
  • Other facilities include an Archaeological Museum, Digital Library with several journal subscriptions, Computer Lab, Wifi for students, Libnet.
  • Most Departments also have a Seminar Hall, other sports facilities.
  • The campus also has a well-equipped gym that is accessible to all the students.
  • The hostel facility at GKV Haridwar is also very good. The hostels are clean, well furnished, and organized. The rooms are allotted based on merit and first come first serve basis.
  • The canteen at the Hostel also serves delicious, nutritious Indian food. The Canteen also adheres to very strict hygiene standards.
  • Various sports facilities for Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Athletics, etc. are available.

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GKV Haridwar: Placement Report

GKV Haridwar has a corporate affairs and outreach cell that takes care of the placements.

  • The university is accredited by TCS.
  • Total number of students placed in 2019-20 placement session is 153
  • Most of the fortune 500 companies also hire students from GKV Haridwar. Some of the most prominent recruiters from the college are as follows –

TCS Digital, TCS Ninja, Sopra Interia, Daffodil, CHC Consulting, Newgen, Syscom Infotech, Goteso, Cognizant, Global Logic, Ceasefire, Kellton Tech, Kloudrac Software, Rubico IT, Effectual Services, Anchor, Panasonic, Gold Plus, Evex India, Godrej, Boyce, CDH, JK Technosoft, Extramarks/CDH

Here are the placement statistics for the 2019-20 session.

Total Placements 130
B.Tech Placements 51
Average Salary Package 3 LPA
Number of Companies Attended 97

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Scholarships Offered

The institute offers several different scholarships under various schemes.

  • The Scholarship Cell has been constituted at GKV Haridwar to take care of all the scholarships that are provided by the state government from where the candidates belong.
  • The Hostel fee for the candidates from SC/ST is reduced to INR 8,000 instead of INR 12,000 and other fee particulars remain the same as general category candidates.

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Fee Structure for B.Tech Courses offered at GKV Haridwar

Here is the annual fee for B.Tech at GKV Haridwar –

Category Fee (in Rupees)
Tuition Fee 90,500 / Annum
Caution Deposit 2,000
Hostel Fee 12,000 / Annum
Security Fee 5,000 (Refundable)
Bus Fee 4,000 / Annum
Mess Charges 24,000 (Variable)
Total 1,37,050

Notes –

  • The hostel fees include the rent, electricity as well as water charges
  • Mess charges may vary based on actual expenditure.
  • The hostel fee is reduced to INR 8,000 for SC/ST candidates.
  • Fees to be paid in single installment through DD at the start of Academic Year
  • For Direct Admission, candidates will have to pay INR 83,950 at the start of the academic year.

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GKV Haridwar FAQ’s

Q: What is the minimum eligibility for admission to B.Tech at GKV Haridwar?

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 05:13 pm

A.The minimum eligibility for admission at GKV Haridwar is as follows –

  1. Are Male Candidates
  2. Cleared 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as compulsory subjects, as well as having either Biotechnology or Biology or Technical Vocational Subject from a board recognized by the Government of India/Board of Studies/From a foreign board/ or as per eligibility set by the CSAB or JoSAA.
  3. AIR of JEE – Mains
Q: Is there any other way to apply for admission at GKV Haridwar? 

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 05:14 pm

A. The only way to get admission at GKV Haridwar is through their official website. The candidates have to fill the online registration form available on the official website and upload all their documents, following which they will be called for the counselling process.

Q: How to confirm Admission at GKV Haridwar?

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 05:15 pm

A. The merit lists will be displayed on the official website of GKV Haridwar. The Merit List for selected candidates will also be displayed at the Notice Board on the Registrar’s Office, and the Faculty of Engineering & tech. There will not be any communication regarding the same.

Q: Is it possible to change branches after the First Year of B.Tech?

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 05:16 pm

A. Yes, it is possible to change branches to a preferred one after the first year. The allotment will be done based on the JEE Main score as well as the merit of the first year. It is dependent on the availability of seats in the specified branch, ie. 5% of the intake and vacant seats in the second year.

Q: What is GKV Haridwar’s stance against Ragging?

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 05:17 pm

A. GKV Haridwar has a very strict policy towards ragging. Each student has to submit an affidavit stating that they will not engage in Ragging. If a candidate is found to be guilty of Ragging, they are liable to be disciplined as per the rules of the institution. The guilty party is also liable to be expelled from the college.