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BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021: Paper Pattern, Marking Scheme, Important Topics

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

BITS Pilani has already released a BITSAT exam pattern along with the information brochure. BITSAT 2021 was held in an online mode. The question papers have 150 questions and 3 hours of time to complete the exam. The question paper has four sections, named Mathematics/Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English proficiency & Logical reasoning.

The syllabus for BITS engineering entrance exam consists sections named Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English & Logical Reasoning. While B.Pharm exam, the syllabus comprises Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology, and English & LR subjects.

BITSAT Exam pattern 2021: Highlights

Particulars Details
Mode of examination Online/Computer-based test
Medium of examination English only
Duration of the examination 180 Minutes
Question type Multiple-choice questions
Total questions 150 questions
Total marks 450 marks
Marking Scheme +3 for correct Answers -1 for every incorrect answer No Negative Marking for Unattempted Questions
Number of sections 4 Sections i.e Mathematics/Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English proficiency & Logical reasoning
  • The BITSAT exam paper contains a total of 4 options for each question and candidates need to choose only one correct option.
  • Candidates can change their marked answer anytime before submitting the question paper.
  • In the exam, there is no separate time limit for each section. There is only a collective timer of 3 hours which will start as soon as you click on the start test button.
  • If a candidate has given all the answers before time then He/She is able to answer extra 12 questions also If He/She is interested. And that 12 extra questions are also from the three sections called Mathematics or biology, Physics, and chemistry.
  • The results of the BITSAT exam will be declared immediately after submitting the test. The main reason to do this is to achieve transparency in the results.
  • Also, candidates are able to check their scores online after the day of the examination.

BITSAT Exam pattern 2021: Marking Scheme

In order to select limited candidates only there is some predefined marking system that should be understood by all the candidates before appearing in exam. The marking scheme for the BITSAT examination is shown below:-

Particulars Marks
For Each correct answer +3 Marks
For each incorrect answer -1 Marks
For Unattempted question 0 Marks

BITSAT Exam pattern 2021: Section Wise Analysis

BITSAT section-wise analysis is shown below on the basis of section-wise questions.

Sections Subject Number of questions
Section 1 Mathematics/Biology 45
Section 2 Physics 40
Section 3 English Proficiency 15
Logical Reasoning 10
Section 4 Chemistry 40
Total 150

BITSAT Exam pattern 2021: Additional Questions

In BITSAT 2021 question papers apart from the 150 questions, 12 additional questions will also be provided to students for those who have completed their initial paper. But keep in mind that, No extra time will be given for these additional 12 questions. And these 12 additional questions are not compulsory to attempt.

  • Mathematics/Biology:- 4 Questions
  • Physics:- 4 Questions
  • Chemistry:- 4 Questions

BITSAT Exam pattern 2021: Important topics and Analysis

Candidates are advised to check important topics along with their weightage before preparing for the exam. The main reason behind it is to get a brief idea about the question paper. So, here subject wise Important topic and their weightage is given below.

BITSAT 2021: Part 1 Mathematics

Topics Question weightage
Set, Relation, and Functions 2-3
Binomial theorem 2-3
Theory of equation 2-3
Continuity and differentiability 2-3
parabola 3-4
Matrices determinant 3-4
Sequence and series 4-5
Circles 4-5
Permutations and combinations 4-5
Applications of derivatives 6-7

BITSAT 2021: Part 2 Biology

Topics Question weightage
Biotechnology: Principles and process 2-3
Anatomy of flowering plants 2-3
Excretory Products and their elimination 2-3
Chemical Coordination and integration 1-2
Breathing and exchange of gases 1-2
Plant growth and development 1-2
Reproduction 5-6
Biological classification 2-3
Molecular basis of inheritance 1-2
Ecosystems 1-2

BITSAT 2021: Physics Section

Topics Weightage Topics Weightage
Mechanical properties 5 Atomic study 3-4
Current electricity 4 Oscillation 4-5
Gravitation 3-4 Dual nature of matter and radiation 3-4
Kinetics 4-5 Magnetism and moving charges 2-3
Thermodynamics 2-3 Alternating current 3-4
Rigid body dynamics 2-3 Waves 1-2
Electrical field 2-3 Work and energy and power 3-4

BITSAT 2021: Chemistry Section

Topics Weightage
Equilibrium 4-5
Coordination compounds 3-4
Hydrogen and S block elements 2-3
Solid-state 2-3
Physical and chemical equilibrium 1-2
Atomic structure 3-4
Thermodynamics 4-6
State of matter 1-2

BITSAT 2021: English and logical reasoning Section

Topics Weightage Topics Weightage
Alphabet test 2-3 Composition 3-4
Puzzle test 4-5 Synonyms 3-4
Non-verbal reasoning 1-2 Vocabulary 2-3
Binary logic 1-2 Verbal ability 2-3
Classification test 2-3 Conclusion 2-3
Syllogism 4-5 Antonyms 1-3
Analogy 1-2 Analogies 2-4
Verbal reasoning 1-2 Reading comprehension 1-3
Word formation 1-2

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021: General Instructions

Before appearing for a BITSAT examination every candidate should have to keep in mind some points in order to give a successful examination. Those points are listed below.

  • Candidates can change their answers anytime but before the time is over.
  • If candidates are interested then they can attempt an extra 12 questions if and only if time is remaining in the actual examination.
  • And remember once you opted for extra 12 questions then you cannot go back and modify actual questions on paper.
  • Extra questions will give the benefit while there is a tie-in between students in their merit list then on the basis of these questions you can opt for a seat.
  • After allotting a seat campus authorities will provide accommodation facilities for the students at a very normal change in their own hostels.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2021: FAQs

Ques. What are the best books for BITSAT preparation?

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Ans. There are many books that are important in the BITSAT preparation but first of all, you have to read 11th and 12th standard books to build your concepts, and then you can go for other books like Arihant publications.


Ques. Is only one book enough after reading the 11th and 12th books for BITSAT preparation?

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Ans. No, I never recommend only one reference book but instead, I will recommend you to practice as much as you can with 3 or 4 different reference books.

Ques. Which sections will be there in the BITSAT question paper?

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Ans. There are a total of 4 sections that will be asked in the question paper named English And logical reasoning, Physics, chemistry, and mathematics or biology.


Ques Are there any language options available for the question paper of the BITSAT examination?

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Ans. No, You don’t have any options other than English because BITS Pilani sets the paper only in the English language.

Ques. Is there any sectional time limit also available?

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Ans. No, there is only one time limit for the entire question paper.