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NTA to set Unique Question papers for JEE Main and NEET Aspirants

Last updated on April 20th, 2020 at 12:09 pm

After NTA taking charge of conducting various national level entrance exams such as JEE Main and NEET, several major overhauls are expected in these exams. These changes includes organising exams twice a year and in multiple sessions. One of such major change is that it will set unique question papers for every aspirant.

The NTA or National Testing Agency has planned to use high level artificial intelligence, psychometric analysis and computer based adaptive testing tools. These tools will ensure that test is 100% safe with no scope of errors.
Vineet Joshi, Director General of NTA has proclaimed that highest level of encryption will be used so that no one can hack the system. As per the NTA officials, additionally this change has been introduced to check that candidate is thorough with curriculum syllabus and the rote learning and coaching centers are not of much help.

They are also hopeful that this change will be advantageous for candidates in following ways:-

  • Keeping track of Unattempted Questions- Candidates can easily revisit the questions they are doubtful of or haven’t answered. It is advisable for that candidates first solve the easier questions then revisit the questions they were in doubt of.
  • Change in Exam Date and slot – As the exams will be held in multiple slots, candidates can choose their time slot and date as per their convenience
  • No scope of Cheating – Unique questions will provide a fair chance to all the candidates as the software will pick different questions for all candidates and leaving no scope of cheating for the candidates
  • Introducing different levels of questions – The difficulty level of the questions in the exam will be increased on the basis of candidate’s past answers.
  • Introducing Computer Adaptive Testing – The answer keys will also be released using Artificial intelligence techniques to ensure free work in computing the result.

JEE Main Set Unique Question

Currently the agency is performing psychometric analysis of past years’ question papers including the MCQ questions. They are also checking the impact of introducing MCQ questions. These distractors will help in checking candidate’s overall knowledge of the subject. One of the disadvantage of using software system is that candidates will be at the mercy of the software which will pick the questions on random basis. The answer keys will also be released by Artificial intelligence system.

Till 2017 CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education used to conduct these exams. In order to reduce the burden of CBSE and smooth conduction of exams, HRD ministry introduced NTA. The new authority will conduct these exams twice a year. JEE Main 2020 is scheduled to take place in April 2020. The agency is expected to test around 1.5 crore candidates at National level.

According to HRD officials, a number of tests and experiments will be tried such as psychometric data analysis of data, psychometric analysis for training the item writers and web based, etc to ensure there are no errors in question papers and answer keys.

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