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NTA Security Measures Expected for JEE Main 2020 (April Session)

Last updated on April 20th, 2020 at 12:09 pm

With NTA (National Testing Agency) taking over the reins from CBSE, JEE Main has witnessed several changes. The mode of examination is shifted to online mode completely and the exam itself will be conducted twice every year.

JEE Main has more than 10 lakh applicants every year and it is very necessary to ensure fair means for all. JEE Main security measures will be undertaken to reduce chances any of malpractices at designated centres.

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Aspirants work really hard to secure a good score in JEE Main. They use extensive study material to get a better rank. Hence, it would be wrong if anybody uses unfair means and gets a better score. All exam centers are equipped with CCTV cameras, state coordinators and jammers.

As per the guidelines of NTA, you are not allowed to carry any metal objects or electronic devices to the exam center. Aspirants who appeared for the recent UGC NET exam has to undergo security check set at the exam center.

This regulation has increased the chances of security check in JEE Main exam as well. Check complete exam schedule here.

NTA Security Measures Expected for JEE Main 2020

Expected JEE Main 2020 Security Measures

By the experience of the recently conducted UGC NET exam, you can expect several JEE Main security measures when you visit the exam center. Before the exam was conducted, a third party audit of all examination centers was completed. For UGC NET, there were around 24 State Coordinators, 295 City Coordinators, and 742 Observers at the exam centers.

There will be 40,000 jammers to block the mobile network. Even if aspirants somehow manage to carry their mobiles along, they will not be able to access it, because of the jammers. This measure is undertaken to outsmart the tech savvy aspirants.

List of JEE Main Security Measures

There are certain rules that all aspirants must follow at the exam center. When you visit your exam center, you will be scanned thoroughly using metal detectors. There is no need to carry any pens or sheets as authorities will provide you with both things.

Here are some rules as per the security guidelines-

  • Exam center will open 2.5 hours before the commencement of exam
  • You must follow the dress code to avoid any trouble
  • You can wear your cultural dress, but you need to cooperate with the authorities to let them check you
  • Carrying admit card is necessary, else you cannot sit for the exam
  • Do not carry any unnecessary things as authorities will not be responsible for the loss
  • There will be no provision to keep your belongings at the centers
  • You will not be allowed to leave the exam center till the completion of exam duration
  • You are not allowed to carry anything to eat inside the exam hall, unless you are diabetic.

Note- If you are found carrying any prohibited material to the exam center, your candidature will be disqualified at that very instance.

So, kindly check yourself before you sit for the exam to avoid any chances of carrying cheating material. in case you find any material, hand it over to the invigilator before the commencement of exam.

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