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JEE Main 2020 Begins Tomorrow, Here’s Revised List of Items Allowed at Exam Centres

Last updated on August 31st, 2020 at 01:05 pm

Even after long protests and tweets with hashtags and multiple requests from state governments, the JEE Main 2020 has not postponed further. The JEE Main 2020 begins from tomorrow with B.Arch and B.Planning paper on 1st September and B.Tech paper from 2nd to 6th September.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still at large and daily cases are breaking records everyday. To ensure the safety of students, JEE Main Admit Card was released with 4 pages, including the instructions and COVID-19 Advisory / Safety Protocols.

What Items Are Allowed Inside JEE Main Exam Centres?

It also has a self-declaration form on the very first page similar to the Aarogya Setu Self Assessment Test. To help students with what is permissible at JEE Main Exam Centres, here is a list with complete details-

  1. Admit Card – With Self-Declaration Completely Filled and Signatures of self and parents.
  2. Valid Government ID – Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, PAN Card etc. must also be carried at all times.
  3. Simple transparent ballpoint pen – Earlier pens were provided by NTA at the exam centres to all the students. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and probable transmission of virus on using the same pens, this will be discontinued. Hence, students have to bring their own ballpoint pens.
  4. An Additional Photograph – Students must carry an additional passport photo to the exam centre same as the one provided in your JEE Main Admit Card. To take the attendance, invigilator will provide hand sanitizer after which candidates have to paste the photo in the attendance sheet.
  5. Personal Hand Sanitizer Bottle (50 ml) – Even though hand sanitizers will be provided at every point at the exam centres, candidates will be allowed to carry a small transparent hand sanitizer bottle of 50 ml.
  6. Water Bottle (Transparent) – Students will not be provided any facility for drinking water this time, again due to COVID-19. There are chances of crowds at drinking water points. Hence, students are advised to bring their own transparent water bottle at the exam centres.

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What is NOT Allowed?

The following is not allowed-

  1. No student can carry their mobile phones inside the exam hall. Students have been asked to install Aarogya Setu on their phones but students cannot carry their phones inside.
  2. Rough sheets will be placed at the allotted systems by invigilators while wearing gloves to ensure safety and hygiene. Students must not bring any rough sheets of their own at the exam halls.
  3. No other electronic device will be allowed at the exam centres such as calculators, bluetooth watches or headphones. Signal jammers will be installed at the exam halls.

Students have also been advised to wear light clothes, with slippers or open-toe sandals. Social distancing will be followed at all times and parents will be asked to leave the exam centres soon after dropping their son/daughter.

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