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JEE Advanced Practice Papers, Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Test

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JEE Advanced dates have been postponed to 27th September, 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It is a great time to go through as many sets of JEE Advanced practice papers as possible since it will help you in working on your weaker sections. For a long time, this has been considered as the best practice by many experts and successful candidates. By using the JEE Advanced sample papers, you would not only understand the variety of the questions that can be asked but also the exam pattern which will boost your exam preparation to get into the IITs.

  • This year, there is a twist in the exam pattern and changes in it have been in the headlines.
  • The major change in the exam format is related to the long answers. Thus, along with the conventional MCQs, the long answers will also be asked in the exam.
  • However, there will not be any negative marking for these long answers. You can find more information on this on the official website of the National Testing Agency – www.jeemain.nta.nic.in

Meanwhile, the postponement of JEE Advanced exam has presented a great opportunity for those who have not yet tried their hands at the JEE Advanced practice papers. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the exam pattern of JEE Advanced, its Syllabus, reasons to attempt JEE Advanced practice papers as well as various FAQs related to JEE Advanced Sample Papers.

JEE Advanced Exam Pattern

Knowing the exam pattern of the JEE Advanced will make sure that you will benefit while attempting the exam. It will help in improving the preparation level and acquaints you with the types of questions and count of questions that would be there in the exam.

It is even better to practice to look at the JEE Advanced exam pattern. This is because it will help in eliminating any sort of error or perceptions related to the JEE Advanced examination in your mind due to the lack of information regarding the exam pattern.

JEE advanced Exam pattern is mentioned in the table below:-

Particulars Details
Conducting Authority NTA
Exam Mode Online
Exam Language Hindi/English
Exam Duration 3 Hours each
Exam Sessions Forenoon: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Afternoon: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Number of Papers 2- Paper 1 & Paper 2
Sections Three- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Type of Questions MCQs
Marking Scheme for Paper 1 +3 for single correct answer
+4 for 1 or more correct answer
+3 for Numerical value based questions
Negative Marking for Paper 1 -1 for incorrect answer
No negative marking for numerical value based question
Marking Scheme for Paper 2 +4 for 1 or more correct answer
+3 for Numerical value based questions
+3 for List Match sets
Negative Marking for Paper 2 -1 for incorrect answer and for List match sets
No negative marking for numerical value based question

JEE Advanced Practice Paper

Candidates can download the JEE Advanced practice papers from the table below:-

JEE Advanced Practice Paper Download
JEE Advanced 2019 Paper 1 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2019 Paper 2 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2018 Paper 1 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2018 Paper 2 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2017 Part 1 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2016 Paper 1 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2016 Paper 2 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2015 Paper 1 Click Here
JEE Advanced 2015 Paper 1 Click Here

Advantage of JEE Advanced Practice Papers

While most of you would have completed the syllabus, the JEE Advanced Practice Papers will give you an opportunity to understand the preparation level. The JEE Advanced examination is considered as the most difficult entrance examination in Engineering, but it is important to remember that if the exam is difficult for you, it would probably be difficult for the other candidates as well. So if you have studied hard and as a serious engineering aspirant, take at least two JEE Advanced sample papers each day, you will surely get a result to be proud of.

Better at time management:

By practising JEE Advanced practice paper candidates can learn time management. Candidates will get to know how much time they are spending on each question. By examining the result of practice paper candidates will know their weak and strong points.

It is more important to understand that each and every question requires critical thinking, which in turn takes a lot more time. You need to be prepared to assess the amount of time that needs to be given to each specific question as some might require 10 minutes and some questions can be answered by just looking at the options.

Stress Management after JEE Mains:

The dream of getting into the IITs is just round the corner and there might be scenarios where you would put yourself into the dilemma of whether you are good enough which can attract stress. Thus, attempting the JEE Advanced practice papers can help in dealing with the stress. This is because, you would have gone through multiple practice sets and that you would have already experienced the same scenario, which would ultimately help in managing the stress and pressure.

Preparation Level:

While you might be thinking that you have studied all the important topics for the JEE Advanced, this is not enough to assess whether the preparation is full proof for a good rank. Taking up the JEE Advanced sample papers would help in understanding the current level of preparation and the improvement scope. This not only helps your case of getting a better rank but to also build an overall confidence, because mindset plays a huge role in this sort of examination.

Targeting a higher mountain each time:

Once you start taking up two or more mock tests everyday, you can set up various targets. Also, there could be an increased score in the current test compared to the previous one. Eventually, this can create a mindset in which you would be better prepared for a difficult set as well.

Higher Confidence:

Practicing does lead to a higher level of confidence in the capabilities as an examinee. So, if you have been scoring very well in each and every mock you have been taking, this leads to a familiarity to the actual examination environment. Secondly, this also helps in calming the mind and improving the overall performance.

The experts as well as the successful candidates all suggest that more the number of mocks you will write, more you will gain the right attitude and would do well at the examination. Also, it is important to make sure that you keep using the timer, as doing the set number of questions in the allotted amount of time is the only key to success.

Check JEE Advanced Paper Analysis

JEE Advanced Syllabus

JEE Advanced syllabus for both the test includes the following sections:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Let us further look in brief all the important topics in each of the section:

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Vectors Stoichiometry – I & II Quadratic Equations
Gaseous State Atomic Structure Trigonometry
Properties of Matter Environmental Chemistry Conic Section
Liquids Hydrocarbon Circle
Kinematics Introduction to Organic Chemistry Straight Lines
Motion in 2D p-Block Elements Permutation and Combination
Dynamics s-Block Elements Binomial Theorem
Energy and Momentum Hydrogen Complex Numbers
SHM and Waves Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium Sequence and Series
Thermodynamics Thermodynamics
Rotation Thermochemistry
Gravitation States of Matter
Chemical Bonding – I & II
Periodic Properties

So if you practice the JEE Advanced practice papers, it would give a clear introspection about the marking system followed in the exam. The negative marking is a challenge to many students who attempt the examination for the first time without any previous experience of the JEE Advanced practice papers. Also, attempting multiple sets of the JEE Advanced sample papers will help you in reducing the error. It would even tell you about your error rate as well as the guess rate, yes that’s a thing!

In addition, attempting the JEE Advanced practice paper will not only help you with the above-mentioned things but also with better time management skills. So, it is quite important to be able to optimize the amount of time that is required to handle a specific question as well as the accuracy attached to it.

FAQs related to the JEE Advanced Question Papers

Ques. How and when can I get the question paper along with the response that I have given in the JEE Advanced?

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Ans. The question paper will be mailed to you. This document will have the questions and the answer side by side, along with the correct response for that question.
Ques. Is it that IITs who are setting the paper or is the National Testing agency conducting the JEE Advanced examination?

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Ans. The examination is set up by multiple teams formed from the various IITs. The teams of experts from each IIT are chosen by IIT, Delhi who then sets the question paper.

Ques. Is the difficulty level of the JEE Advanced much higher than the JEE Mains?

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Ans. It is difficult to predict the difficulty level as there is utmost uncertainty. It has been seen that the students are always surprised from the types of questions that are asked in JEE examinations whether it is the Mains examination or the JEE Advanced. It is better to keep your focus on the studies and leave the rest for the exam day.

Ques. What types of questions are there which can be very tricky to answer in JEE Advanced?

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Ans. Each section presents an opportunity to set up tricky questions, so for example questions that include the decimal answers, up to two decimals can become tricky sometimes as there are more chances of creating a small error here. Similarly matrix match questions and linked comprehension type questions can be quite challenging for the students attempting the JEE Advanced examination. However, the more you practice such questions, the more you challenge the examiner!

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