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Low JEE Main Score/Rank? Evaluating These Options Might Help

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart”

This proverb holds true in different practical aspects as well. There might be a lot of students who prepared diligently throughout the entire year or maybe for even two years but still could not get good rank due to some unfortunate reasons. At this point in time, it is important not to lose hope. Also, don’t get disheartened even if this was your second attempt and you couldn’t make it to the college of your dreams.

Now is the time to apply a new strategy of analyzing and improvising.

If the student could not score good marks, there might be a problem in either their preparation or the execution. Hence, the first step is to analyze where the void is. For example, there might be a student who was not completely prepared for the exam and he left some of the important topics which unfortunately came in the exam. Therefore, it was a lag in preparation. There might be a student who could not perform well because he got anxious during the exam and committed silly errors which resulted in a drop in rank. This is an example of a problem in the execution. So, it is better to analyze what went wrong and how can you work on it.

Now, there are three options which you can choose from.

  1. Prepare for the next attempt and drop this year
  2. Settle with the college that you can get with your score
  3. Wait for successive counselling sessions

Let us dive deep into each option and students can make a wise decision if JEE Main score is low.

Prepare for the Next Attempt and drop this year

This is an alternative which you can choose if you have appeared for the first attempt with the board exams. This will help in learning and studying more for JEE Main and keeping your focus only on this exam. Taking a one-year drop will give you an added advantage since you would have already experienced the exam once and also your preparation would just need more focus and brush-up. Complete dedication and determination of study will sail you through the JEE Main exam.

From 2019, JEE Main is conducted twice a year. Candidates have an option to not drop a year and prepare for the second attempt if they are not satisfied with the result of first attempt. So candidates have a chance to appear twice in a year. If a candidate did not score well in the first attempt, then he/she can appear for the second attempt.

However, if you are taking a drop for your third attempt, it can be risky and you need to make a wise and calculated step. You should be confident about this decision. It is necessary to be aware of the shortcomings of your preparation and know precisely the reasons not to score well in the past attempts. If one is confident about the preparation and knows that dedicating one year will help them to get over these shortcomings, then one can take this decision to drop another year. If the students have doubts over their preparation and are not sure, then they can choose the other options which we will discuss further.

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Settle with the college that you can get with your score

It is pretty obvious that every student who is preparing for JEE Main exam dreams of getting in the top IITs or NITs. However, with the limited number of seats in these colleges, it is practically impossible for every student to get admission in these colleges. Further, there are more than 4500 engineering colleges throughout India. There are ample opportunities for students since these colleges also have skilled faculties and good resources.

The other private and state universities offer B.E or B.Tech courses and have a wide range of courses and specializations to choose from. The basic concepts of teaching and the engineering essence would remain almost the same in every college. Hence, the students are advised to look broaden their perspective and look beyond IITs and NITs too if they have already attempted JEE Main twice.

The students who are getting other private universities and colleges should not hesitate to opt for these. To have a better picture, they can contact the students from various colleges and get to know about the quality of education in these colleges. They can also visit websites and placement reports to get a fair idea about the college they are opting for. Checking if their alumni are holding good positions in the industry can also be a parament to judge the college. All these factors will help in deciding the college that you wish to spend your next crucial four years.

Wait for Successive Counselling Sessions

There is also a good probability that you might get a good college in the subsequent counselling rounds. A lot of students drop or change colleges, which helps the other students to get a chance. A lot of students are not sure about the result of the successive counselling and they end up making decisions in haste due to delayed counselling sessions.

It is important to first analyse the complete situation and decide after considering each aspect. There are cases where students got into very good universities during mop-up counselling rounds. Hence, one should wait and appear in each counselling session in which they are eligible to attend. This is also a great option to get a private college which is in the range of your marks. The placements and education quality of some renowned colleges are up to the mark with IITs. Therefore, keep calm and choose wisely.

List of Some NITs which offered B.Tech Courses with Low Rank in JEE Main

Admission in NITs is possible even if your rank is more than 50,000. To get admission in top NITs one should rank below 10,000. Here is a list of some NITs with their closing rank in the respective course

Name of the NIT Name of the Course Closing Rank Category
NIT Agartala Chemical Engineering 3,19,419 Gender Neutral
NIT Agartala Civil Engineering 2,54,362 Gender Neutral
NIT Agartala Computer Science and Engineering 98,197 Gender-Neutral
NIT Agartala Mechanical Engineering 2,24,062 Gender-Neutral
NIT Durgapur Biotechnology 55,055 Female Only
NIT Durgapur Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 57,485 Female Only
NIT Goa Civil Engineering 1,46,182 Gender Neutral
NIT Goa Mechanical Engineering 60,750 Gender-Neutral
NIT Hamirpur Chemical Engineering 2,21,967 Gender-Neutral
NIT Hamirpur Civil Engineering 1,64,457 Gender-Neutral
NIT Jalandhar Biotechnology 93080 Female Only
NIT Jalandhar Chemical Engineering 80428 Gender-Neutral
NIT Meghalaya Civil Engineering 1,17,205 Gender-Neutral
NIT Meghalaya Computer Science and Engineering 59,052 Gender-Neutral
NIT Meghalaya Electronics and Communications Engineering 87,987 Open
NIT Puducherry Civil Engineering 96,543 OBC-NCL
NIT Puducherry Computer Science and Engineering 56,609 OBC-NCL
NIT Raipur Biotechnology 91,034 Open
NIT Raipur Civil Engineering 55,084 Open

Colleges You can opt

Here is a list of some private colleges which you can opt if your rank is low:-

  1. IIIT Amethi
  2. Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad
  3. BIT, Ranchi
  4. BIT, Patna
  5. KIIT, Bhubaneswar
  6. Jaipur University
  7. Lovely Professional University
  8. SMVDU, Jammu Tawi
  9. Kalasalingham, Krishnakoil
  10. MJPR, Bareilly
  11. Assam University
  12. Tezpur University
  13. Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur
  14. IIIT, Gwalior
  15. BIT, Deogarh
  16. IIITD and Management, Kancheepuram
  17. VNIT, Nagpur
  18. College of Engineering, Pune
  19. SPA, Delhi
  20. MGRERI, Chennai
  21. JSS, Noida

If the candidate is dropping a year then he/she must do hard work, follow the right books and strategy to score better in the exam. Start with the decision about whether to do self-study or joining a coaching centre. If a candidate opts a self-study option then he/she must choose the right study material and approach.

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