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Impact of Lockdown on Schools, Colleges, Pending Board, and Entrance Exams

Last updated on May 2nd, 2020 at 08:40 am

Lockdown till 17 May

The education sector will still remain at a halt, as the Home Ministry has extended the lockdown till May 17, 2020. This is the 2nd time that the government has extended the lockdown, owing to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. As a consequence, all the institutions, including colleges and schools will remain closed further, for the next two weeks, without any exceptions for any area or zone. These educational institutions were closed in March due to the growing dangers of the spread of coronavirus.

The entire country has been classified into three zones (Red, Orange and Green), depending upon the intensity of the spread of the disease in a particular district, the red zones being the most affected. The educational sector did not form a part of the relaxations allowed by the Home Ministry yesterday to the orange and green zones. As per MHA guidelines, all the institutions, colleges, schools, training centers will be closed till May 17, 2020, until further notice.

Pending Board Exams and Entrance exams have postponed further

This unforeseeable fate has doomed the entire globe. Each one of our lives is getting by this inevitable situation including the students of the education sector who were appearing for their board examinations or seeking admissions in schools and colleges. All the national entrance exams such as JEE Main 2020 and NEET UG 2020 have been postponed indefinitely until they get any concrete information as to when the lockdown will be uplifted. As for Class 10 and 12 Board examinations, it was speculated that the pending exams will be conducted in mid-May. However, with this extension, the students will have to wait for the official announcement for these exams from MHRD and NTA about the pending board exams and entrance exams.

Impact on Students

Students are advised to not panic in the current situation instead they must utilize this time to the fullest. Students got more time to prepare for the upcoming exams. To prepare for the JEE Main 2020, NDLI has offered free access to the preparation module. Read More

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