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IIT Council and Javadekar Vote Against MHRD Proposal to Scrap JEE Advanced

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 at 09:23 am

MHRD recently made a few important proposals including scrapping JEE Advanced and amending policies followed by IITs regarding fee structure, admission process, quality of education, preparation methods being opted among students etc. In a high level meeting held on August 21, 2018 the IIT Council and Minister Prakash Javadekar has voted against the proposals, citing that JAB (Joint Admission Board) is already looking after some of the major transformations for JEE Advanced.

Proposals by MHRD

  1. To form a committee of experts to check on the measures to be taken to bring changes in JEE Advanced & if necessary scrap the test and bring IITs under the purview of JEE Main.
  2. The other major reform offered was that instead of the previous system being followed, there must be allocation of the institution only and not of branches in different engineering colleges.
  3. There was also a proposal to work upon so that the dependency on coaching institutes may get reduced for the preparation of JEE among the aspirants.
  4. Other proposal was to increase the number of students being taught at IIT from about 10,000 to directly 80,000 by converting the IITs into high end institutes which would indulge teaching of only certain semesters.
  5. Proposal for recruitment of foreign faculty was also one of the main highlights.
  6. Revision in fee structure for foreign students must not exceed as it is already approx 6 Lakhs per annum which is not within of all candidates.

Some of these proposals have been clearly rejected by our Union Minister, Prakash Javadekar. According to the council, there is no need to take measures towards the JEE process as it is already in progress. Online examination was held instead of offline since last year only. “On the matter of allocation of institute instead of branch during JOSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) counseling, many IITs don’t think it’s a good idea”, said Bhaskar Ramamurthy, director, IIT Madras.

IIT Council and Javadekar Vote Against MHRD Proposal to Scrap JEE Advanced

However, some of the ideas which really were beneficial for the students and the decorum of IITs have been considered well and accepted by the IITs among those mentioned above. They are as follows:-

Some of the major decisions that have been made during 52nd council meeting are as follows:-

  1. Unlike the provision of council deciding fee structure, IITs own board of governors would be solely responsible for deciding the fee structure of foreign students pursuing masters. There would be no increment in the fee for undergraduate studies and process to recruit foreign faculties may be introduced in the IITs as well.
  2. There would be no revision in the fees for undergraduate studies in the IIT. SWAYAM designed to help students in preparation of JEE advanced would be made easily available so that dependency of students on coaching institutes may get reduced.
  3. No changes would be made in JEE advanced as according to the statement by director of an IIT, the procedure of JEE advanced is already being checked and is being upgraded from time to time. It was just a year back when the examination process was held completely online.
  4. Council has decided that one college in the country would be designated as coordinating institute which would identify the eligible candidates completing PhD while having Indian origin in order to have recruitment of foreign faculties.
  5. The other decision made in the direction of improving quality of education imparted in our engineering colleges is that, IIT will mentor at least 5 engineering colleges in its vicinity to check the standard and improvise the system of education in those colleges.
  6. Campuses and infrastructure projects at IIT would be taken care of by a committee comprising of directors of IIT- Delhi, IIT-Hyderabad and IIT- Tirupati.

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