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IIIT Hyderabad: Admissions via JEE Main, Cut-offs, Fees and more

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International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, also known as IIIT Hyderabad, was established in 1998. It is a non-profit partnership institute and one of the first IIITs in the country. It was established as Indian Institute of Information Technology but was later renamed as International Institute of Information Technology in 2001.

  • It is an autonomous body that provides technical education.
  • IIIT Hyderabad offers courses in its undergraduate bachelor’s, master’s, and also in various doctoral programs.
  • From the past many years, after its establishment, the institution has evolved many research programs in the field of technology.
  • IIIT Hyderabad provides admission to the students for B.Tech through JEE Main Score.
  • For securing a seat in any of the disciplines in IIIT Hyderabad an individual has to clear that cut-off.

We’ll discuss all about IIIT Hyderabad admission 2021, fees, and cut-off in the later section of the article.


IIIT Hyderabad: Highlights

Official Website www.iiit.ac.in
Established 1998
Programs Offered Undergraduate, Dual Degree, Postgraduate, PhD
Admission Criteria – Single Degree JEE Main + Class 12th Result, SPEC
Admission Criteria – Dual Degree UGEE, LEEE, Olympiad/KVPY
Application Mode Online
Affiliations UGC, NAAC, AICTE
Type of Institute Public-Private


IIIT Hyderabad: B.Tech Admissions via JEE Main 2021

For undergraduate courses (both single and dual degree), admissions are done based on JEE Main Cut Off and the result obtained in class 12th boards. There are other college-level exams held for admission to these courses but JEE Main entry is mostly preferred by the students.

B.Tech Courses Offered

There are very few courses offered by the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. The focus of the college is the best performance of students under these few courses. This makes the reputation of college very high in terms of excellent faculty and alumni base. Given below are the courses offered by IIIT Hyderabad-

  1. B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering & MS by Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  2. B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering & Master of Science by Research in Computer Science and Engineering
  3. B.Tech in Computer Science & Master of Science by Research in Computational Linguistics
  4. B.Tech in Computer Science & Master of Science by Research in Computational Natural Sciences
  5. B.Tech in Computer Science & Master of Science by Research in Computing and Human Sciences


IIIT Hyderabad Cut-off for Top B.Tech Courses

IIIT Hyderabad usually has a high JEE Main cut-off for the top courses of the institute. Here is the list of the IIIT Hyderabad cut off 2019.
IIIT Hyderabad JEE Main Cut Off 2019 (General Category)
The numbers given in the table are the closing ranks in each round. This means the rank of a student which was offered the last seat in that particular round.
Courses Offered Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 573 1059 1160 1187 1187
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 941 1167 1941 2502 2847

IIITH JEE Main CutOff 2019 General Category

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Study At IIIT Hyderabad Amid COVID-19

Though this novel coronavirus has restricted the learning from classroom education, the institute has found a way to deliver their lectures through online digital platforms. The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad ensures the same quality of education even in this pandemic period right at the comfort of the students at home.

  • Online Classes Amid COVID-19:
    • For the time being, after the admissions for 2020 are over, the institute is going to start teaching through virtual labs and virtual classrooms.
    • This would be a different experience for both students and the teachers.
  • Outstanding Placements: 
    • Even as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, the college has managed to ensure offers were not revoked from students.
    • Moreover, the companies hired students mostly for research purposes which requires continuous development even during these times.
  • Support During COVID-19:
    • IIIT Hyderabad is also offering support to students amid the COVID-19 crisis.
    • A large number of students and individuals are affected due to the forced lockdown which directly or indirectly hampered mental health.
    • IIITH is offering online help amid this crisis.


Why Choose IIIT Hyderabad?

IIIT Hyderabad is one of the renowned institutes of the country. With such a high cut-off it provides admissions to only the deserving students of the country.

  • The teaching and learning process at IIIT Hyderabad is different from the rest of the institutes. It believes in the holistic development of the students.
  • Also, IIITH targets at least 25% of women students intake each year in all the courses offered.
  • This ensures good gender diversity and promotes the education of women.

Given below are some of the key points which make IIIT Hyderabad much more unique than other IIITs.

IIIT Hyderabad Campus 

  • The campus of IIIT Hyderabad is spread in the area of 66 acres with lush green surroundings.
  • It has good connectivity with bus stands and is on the lane of the proposed metro rail.
  • Moreover, it is in close contact with many other reputed academic and research institutes.
  • The campus is a few kilometres away from the city nearby major shopping areas.
  • Within the campus, there is the availability of bank extension counters, ATM Machine, stationery shops, laundry, and food courts.

Student Life at IIIT Hyderabad

  • The college life at IIIT Hyderabad is quite happening. College life provides a much bigger exposure to a lot of things.
  • With the bunch of best and experienced faculty from across the country, the classroom program offers immense opportunities to grow.
  • Apart from studies, there are many societies such as drama, art, technology, sports, and the list goes on.
  • The college life at IIIT Hyderabad is fun-filled, full of knowledge, and filled with ideas.


IIIT Hyderabad Cut-off for B.Tech Specializations

The institute offers two 4 year programs of B.Tech and several other dual degree programs on the basis of JEE Main cut-off. 2019 cut offs for the same are listed below.

Course Opening Rank Closing Rank
Computer Science Engg. 573 1187
Electronics and Communication Engg. 941 2845

IIITH Cut Off for Dual Degree Programmes (B.Tech + M.S)

Course Opening Rank Closing Rank
CSE + Research in CS 1 65
ECE + Research in EC 1 211
B.Tech in Computer Science + MS by Research in Computational Linguistics 1 164
B.Tech in Computer Science and MS by Research in Computational Natural Sciences 1 214
B.Tech in Computer Science and MS by Research in Natural And Human Sciences 1 216


Faculty at IIIT Hyderabad

The institute has a very rich faculty background. Most of the faculty members are PhDs from various Top-Tier IITs such as IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and more. All the professors have had a diverse research background in various important fields. The institute offers high-quality education with a rich and diverse teaching background.

  • At the institute, faculty members are part of some Research Center / Lab.
  • There are faculties who have education from top institutions abroad as well such as Princeton USA, National University of Singapore, University of Maryland USA and many more.
  • IIIT Hyderabad also has various Adjunct Faculty members from various corporations and colleges such as Apple, TCS, Infosys, Microsoft, Michigan State University, IIIT Delhi, JNU, University of Delhi and many renowned faculties.
  • These are some top-level executives of the industry who motivate and educate students about the changes in the industry.
  • As per the official website, the college houses a total of 110 faculty members towards approximately 1550 students.
  • The teacher-student ratio of the college is 1:20 which provides adequate attention each student might need.
  • Number of faculty with PhDs is 84, and those who have a postgraduate degree is 6. There are more than 100 research papers published in national and international journals by the faculty at IIIT Hyderabad.

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Facilities at IIIT Hyderabad

Various facilities are provided at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad Campus. The institute is famous for its work in software research, data science and analytics, robotics, machine learning etc. Moreover, IIIT Hyderabad has no grants received from the government for research purposes, which makes it a bit expensive. However, providing the right value for money, their infrastructure is better than most government colleges.

  • Labs: The institute has well-equipped laboratories and the latest devices for every department. Research centres provide specialized and high-end equipment needed for the research.
  • Library: IIITH also has a well- managed digital library, fully integrated with multi-user Library Management Software.
  • Dining Facilities: Students are free to dine at any of the four messes.
  • Gym: The campus has Gym facilities for the students. Apart from the open gym on the campus, there is a separate gym for girls in the girls’ hostel.
  • Sports: The institute provides incentives for everyone to excel in a plethora of activities.
    • Moreover, the campus provides facilities for various sports such as cricket, volleyball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, football, etc.
    • College also has a link with the nearby stadiums for other sports such as badminton, swimming, etc.
  • Hostel Facility: 
    • IIIT Hyderabad has three hostels for boys and two for girls.
    • Each IIIT Hyderabad hostel has a mess, gym, and sports room.
    • There is also one branch of State Bank of India and 2 ATMs on the campus.


IIIT Hyderabad: Placement Report

The IIIT Hyderabad placement reports are surprisingly amazing with a 100% track record of placements. More than 70 companies visit every year to recruit students from the institute with an annual package of INR 21 lakhs and above. Some of the top recruiters at the institute include AMazon, Adobe, Uber, Google etc. IIIT Hyderabad Placement 2020 Statistics

Particulars  Statistics 
Placement Percentage for B.Tech Courses 100%
No. of Recruiters 71
Total No. of Students Registered 308
Total No. of Students Placed 306
Highest Package Offered INR 85 LPA
Average CTC Offered INR 24 LPA

Given below are the comparison of past 3 year (2017 to 2019) data of overall IIIT Hyderabad placements in B.Tech Course.

Highest Salary 2019 INR 46 LPA
2018 INR 40 LPA
2017 INR 30 LPA
Average Salary 2019 INR 21 LPA
2018 INR 20 LPA
2017 INR 15 LPA
Number of Students Placed 2019 271
2018 309 (100%)
2017 275

IIIT Hyderabad Placement Report


Scholarships Offered by IIIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad provides scholarships to the meritorious students to encourage their learning and to build competence in students pursuing higher education. There are many scholarship programs offered by IIIT Hyderabad. Some of the major IIIT Hyderabad scholarships are mentioned below:

  • Pratibha Scholarship
    • It is a merit-cum-means scholarship offered by the Andhra State Government.
    • To avail the benefit of this scholarship, a student must be from Andhra and must have an annual family income of 1 lakh.
  • IIIT-H Special Financial Assistance Scheme (ISFAS)
  • This scholarship is meant for the students who are willing to pursue higher education but are deprived of it due to family and financial constraints.
  • It is a scholarship cum loan from the institute which has to be paid later.
  • This is provided in the first semester, however, the assistance can be provided for the duration of the entire B.Tech depending upon the need of a student.


Other Financial Aid

Also, IIIT Hyderabad strives to provide financial aid to every student admitted to the institute depending upon the need of the student. The avenues for such assistance are mentioned below:

  1. State Bank of India (IIIT branch) provides an SBI Scholar student loan to students who secure admission at IIIT Hyderabad for up to 20 lakhs. The loan is provided without the need for any security. A student can apply for this even if the applicant’s family has other existing loans.
  2. The alumni of IIIT Hyderabad have set up a fund to support successfully admitted students based on their needs. The assistance is provided based on pay-it-forward* basis. This means that a graduated student (alumnus) is ready to fund the complete education of a currently studying student of the college. The fund provides support in the following manner-
    1. Complete tuition fee reimbursement/waiver to the students admitted to IIITH whose family income is below INR 8 lakhs per annum.
    2. Students above a certain threshold of the income can also apply for the scholarship and the committee can view and provide scholarships for the same.


IIIT Hyderabad Fee structure for B.Tech Courses 

The institute is quite costly as compared to other IITs and NITs. But it also provides some financial aid to the students as mentioned above. However, offering the right value for money, IIIT Hyderabad keeps the standard high in terms of research and facilities provided. Given below is the IIT Hyderabad fees for various courses offered-

Courses Years Total Tuition Fees (INR)
B.Tech (Single Degree) 4 12,00,000
B.Tech (Dual Degree) 5 15,00,000

Bifurcation of Fee Structure of IIIT Hyderabad

Given below is the bifurcation of the 4-year course fee. Additional fees at the time of admission are charged. This might be charged at the time of private counselling held by the college. There is no reservation at IIIT Hyderabad and hence, there is no difference in fees for special categories. The IIIT Hyderabad fees are tabulated below:

Particulars Amount (INR)
Security Fee 10,000
One Time Fees 10,000
Tuition Fees/sem 3,00,000
Hostel Fee, Water and Electricity / Semester 18,000
Mess Fee / Semester 21,000


FAQs on IIIT Hyderabad

Ques. If I get admission into an IIT, then why should I join IIIT Hyderabad?

Ans. The exposure provided at different institutions is different. IIIT Hyderabad offers B.Tech courses in only two specializations through JEE Main scores. This is to maintain the focus on these courses and provide maximum reach in terms of research to students in their respective field. Students of IIIT Hyderabad also go abroad to work with research groups.

Ques. Is there any reservation for SC/ST/OBC/Physically Challenged?

Ans. IIIT Hyderabad does not offer any reservation for any of the categories. The admission is purely based on merit and the rank secured in JEE Main. No matter who you are, if you have secured a rank required for the admission in IIITH then you are eligible for this institute. However, IIITH targets 25% women intake in all courses and offers full tuition scholarships for those who need financial aid.

Ques. Is IIIT Hyderabad participating in JoSAA Counselling?

Ans. International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad is not participating in JoSAA Counselling. IIITH offers B.Tech admissions through the official portal of the college.

Ques. What is the minimum percentage of 12th boards required for admission?

Ans. To be eligible for B.Tech programmes at IIITH, a candidate must have scored 60% or above in aggregate with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the main subjects.

Ques. Usually M.Tech courses are of 2 years, then why is MS by Research of only 1 year?

Ans. MS by Research makes you a part of the funded research from various private/public organizations in the college. Usually M.Tech is more study oriented while MS by Research is both study and research oriented. This gives students an experience of work culture and also helps them learn better with a highly intellectual working environment.

Ques. Is IIIT Hyderabad better than newer IITs like IIT guwahati?

Answer: In terms of offering good jobs and internships, IIIT Hyderabad is far better than many newer IITs. However, if compared with older IITs like IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay then IITs would be better.

Ques.Is IIIT Hyderabad a government college?

Answer: IIIT Hyderabad was set up as an autonomous university. It was the first Indian university to be set up as a not-for-profit public private partnership (N-PPP) model.

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