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How to score 250+ in JEE Main? 6 Preparation Tips and Strategies

Last updated on July 6th, 2020 at 09:44 am

Getting a good score and a decent All India Rank is the dream of all the JEE aspirants who study day and night to get admission to their dream college. But getting a good AIR is not an easy task; you need to study harder to achieve your goal. A determined mind, commitment, and passion to top in the exam can help you to score 250+ in JEE Main. Start studying harder and take every possible effort to make your dream come true; your commitment to getting a minimum of 250 marks is possible only if you work passionately for it.

To help students like you fulfill their dreams, we have prepared key strategies and useful JEE Main Preparation Tips that can help the test-takers know how to score 250+ in JEE Main exam.

Useful Preparation Tips to score 250+ in JEE Main

Follow the beneath mentioned JEE Main Preparation Tips and tricks to help you to get a seat at NIT, IIIT, or GFTI.

Daily Routine

Preparing a daily routine is a useful JEE Main Preparation Tips that helps to crack JEE Main. The aspirants preparing for the JEE Main need to follow a proper and daily routine to study and must adhere to it. It is essential to give equal time to each subject, as all the subjects are equal and neglecting, one for another is not a wider idea. The students must focus on their studies at least by studying for 5-6 hours in a day. They can take a 10-15 minutes gap after every 2-2:30 hours to relax. You can select your best-preferred way to study, as some students prefer to study late-night while some others prefer studying in the early morning. No matter whichever time you are studying, make sure that you are taking at least 6 to 7 each day to focus on your studies.

Go through the NCERT books

The candidates must go through the NCERT books and after going through them, they can switch to other best books and resources as well. Devote extra time to solve all the numerical questions and mark all the important concepts and pen down relevant points in each of the subjects including Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

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JEE Main Preparation Tips – Subject wise

Knowing your syllabus for JEE Main is very crucial. It helps you formulate a plan of action. Let us know the subject-wise tips on how to score 250+ in JEE Main.


For most of the students, Physics is the toughest subject as it includes lots of numerical questions, and to solve them, one needs to have a clear, and better understanding of the law or concept. Students can refer to books like NCERT, HC Verma for JEE Physics, DC PANDEY for class 11th and 12th Physics and while preparing for this section.

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Chemistry is the easiest subject, and the main reason for this is that JEE Main asks direct Questions from NCERT. Since all the students refer to the NCERT books, cracking the questions asked from this section becomes more comfortable for the students to attend.

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This subject is exciting for some while for some, mathematics is a more robust subject. Sometimes JEE Main is prepared in a tough way while many times, easy and straightforward questions are asked. So to study mathematics, the candidates are suggested to cover a wide range of problems, starting from easy to the most difficult ones. Some of the suggested books you can refer to as part of your JEE Main Preparation Tips include NCERT, Tata McGraw Hill, Arihant and JEE Main previous year question papers.

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Prepare good quality notes

This is the most significant JEE Main Preparation Tips that will help get a score of 250+ in JEE Main 2020. Until and unless you have not prepared notes and are not revising them, it will become difficult for you to score 250+ in JEE Main. Rather than referring to the bulky books, going through the notes will help prepare for the test. Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics are the subjects that include a lot of formulas, so writing them in the form of notes, will help in scoring the desired marks.

Practice more last year papers

Solving last year’s questions helps have a crystal-clear idea about the updated JEE Main exam pattern but it will also help boost your self-confidence level. No matter what all you have prepared and how well, your revision plans are going, you must not lose hope and remain confident throughout your preparations. Since numerical type questions are also a part of the syllabus, practice more by considering JEE Main previous year question papers that will prove significant in getting a good ranking. Popular books, written by Arihant Publications, can be considered for checking previous year papers.

Take more mock tests

You are the best person to judge your strengths and weaknesses, you might be good in all the three subjects, or need improvement in some subjects. Practice by giving more mock tests to know your present preparation level. While taking mock tests, you must keep in mind that you don’t have to waste even a single second in your entire paper. Consider mock tests as the real tests only, which will help you complete the test within the fixed time. Give importance to all the questions, but don’t waste much time on one question, rather move to the next question. While giving mock tests, don’t make random guesses as your marks will be deducted for every wrong attempt, so think wisely before presenting your answer.

Taking mock tests is a part of your JEE Main Preparation Tips, in this way you will be able to know about your strengths and weaknesses in a clearer way.

Time Management is the utmost important

All the test takers who can manage their time effectively have higher chances of getting a good score in their test. Know the importance of time as it plays a vital role in getting what you desire to achieve in your life. Make sure that you are utilizing the available time more accurately, you must know the art to deal with time in a decent way. Make a proper time table and study adhering to the same, you need to achieve your time even while giving the JEE Main. In between your studies, don’t forget to spend some time on extracurricular activities as it plays an essential role in lowering your stress and anxiety level.

JEE Main Preparation Tips

  • Be specific with the books you are referring to while preparing
  • Have exam analysis and cut-off of last year exams
  • Clear your concepts
  • Manage time more productively.
  • Focus on solving numerical questions
  • Stay away from social Media
  • Prepare short notes
  • Eat healthily
  • Stay positive

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These are some of the key strategies that help score more than 250 marks in your upcoming JEE Main exam. By adhering to the above-mentioned JEE Main Preparation Tips you can crack easily score 250+ in JEE Main 2020 exam. Good scores act as a gate pass to enter prestigious colleges like IIT, NIT, and all the other JEE Main Participating Colleges that will let you fulfill your dream to become a qualified engineer in the future.

Good luck for your exams.

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