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How is Life of an IITian at IIT Delhi?

Last updated on October 16th, 2020 at 02:02 pm

If this question has to be answered in simple words, you won’t regret that you chose it. IITs are the most premium line of engineering institutions in India with their good reputation, and among them, IIT Delhi has a place of its own.

The campus is situated at the heart of the city, yet the environment inside does not have any of the hustles and bustles of the outside world. Facilities provided for the students and staff are neat and well-maintained. You will have one of the best academic experiences, a supportive environment, and an apt peer group. Even though in the outer world IIT Delhi is known as the best hub of education, as an IIT student myself I would say it is not all and always about academics.

The campus life at IIT Delhi is colorful and passionate. We always had the opportunity to engage and excel in all areas of co-curricular activities like fests, arts, sports, etc. Tech fests and events jointly conducted by IITs are the major events where you get to explore all who we are. Along with academics, the fun and essence of student life are what make you a real IITian. There are sports and games facilities and areas inside the campus for students. Being an IITian is a brand in itself.

Topping one of the most competitive entrance exams in India and getting admission to the top-most college is a hard-earned pride that I, as every IITian, enjoy. Graduating from an institute like IIT Delhi will make you the first choice of most recruiters. As we get the right guidance and best facilities, as a student of IIT Delhi, we also learn to reach our dreams while enjoying our life to the fullest. Don’t get the wrong impression as IITs stands for academics and mugging up, it’s a way of multi-directional learning for the energetic and enthusiastic lots. Being an IITian I can assure you that you will never miss out on the fun and memories of student life, and the name will stick on to you to help you reach the heights. The life of an IITian is worth

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