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Ques. How are the accommodation facilities and other facilities at the Krishnagar Government College Nadia?

Ans. Krishnagar government college has a lot of facilities which makes it suitable for both boys and girls

  • Hostel- The college has two hostels, out of which the old Hindu hostel has a capacity of 60 seats and new Hindu hostel has a capacity of 40 seats. The college also provides hostels for girls with good accommodation
  • Library- The college has an inbuilt library, which contains more than 11,000 books
  • Auditorium- Auditorium room in the college is Technologically updated with audio-visual effects. For extra space, there is an Auditorium named Rabindra Bhawan with a seating capacity of nearly 600 seats, which is used whenever required
  • Other Key facilities- It include Sports, cafeteria, medical hospital, Wi-Fi infrastructure, classrooms, Laboratories, Alumni associations, parking facility, and guest room.
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