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B.Tech in Environmental Engineering- Course Overview

B.Tech in Environmental Engineering is an undergraduate program that enables the students to study and work towards the betterment of the environment and issues related to it. They also learn to develop new techniques and procedures that will help sustain the natural resources of the earth.

  • This course is taught in colleges in such a way that the techniques and principles of applied sciences are structured around environmental issues such as healthy water, humans, various organisms and land reformations.
  • The duration of course is 4 years and the basic eligibility criteria is to pass in 10+2 examinations with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as the main subjects.
  • In our country, various colleges and educational institutions offer this course. The courses are offered in various categories like diploma courses, UG degree courses, PG courses, Ph.D. doctoral courses, etc.

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B.Tech in Environmental Engineering Highlights

Course Level Entry
Duration 4 Years
Eligibility 10+2 (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
Average Fee INR 30,000-80,000
Average Salary INR 1.7-25.2 LPA
Admission Criteria JEE or other State level Examination

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Why choose B.Tech in Environmental Engineering?

B.Tech in Environmental Engineering is a great option for those B.Tech aspirants who wish to work towards the Environmental issues and are naturally drawn towards environmental sciences.Environmental Engineering

  • If they wish to study renewable energy, sustainable development and topics related to preservation of nature and natural resources should definitely opt for this course.
  • This course will help you get acquainted with various ongoing environmental concerns and learn topics like sewage disposal, water and land management, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and many more.
  • Students also learn to strategize for issues concerning global warming, climate change, disaster management and also learn the art of problem solving regarding such issues.

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B.Tech in Environmental Engineering Admission Process

For a student to qualify for B.Tech in Environmental Engineering, he/she has to score passing marks in their 10+2 examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as their main subjects.

  • Further the candidate has to qualify any of the competitive exams like JEE Main or other examinations held at state level to gain admission to study the said subject in a reputed college.

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B.Tech in Environmental Engineering Cut Off For Top IITs (JEE Advanced 2020)

Round College Name Male Ranking Female Ranking
1 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Dhanbad 9617-11288 16419-17899
2 9617-11831 16419-18361
3 9617-11842 16419-18361
4 9617-11883 16419-18361
5 9617-12104 16419-18361
6 11047-14299 16419-20331

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B.Tech Environmental Engineering Syllabus

The syllabus for B.Tech Environmental Engineering is structured in such a way that the student can receive an in-depth knowledge of theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject.

  • The course also includes basics of Biology, Microbiology, Climate, Biodiversity, Organic Chemistry, Soil Conservation, and Ground Water etc.
  • As in all B.Tech course, this one is also divided into 8 Semesters of 4 years and below is the basic syllabus that is followed by all universities offering B.Tech Environmental Engineering:

Environmental Engineering Syllabus – First Year

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Constitution of India and Professional Ethics

Environmental Engineering Syllabus – Second Year

  • Strength of Materials
  • Surveying and Surveying Construction
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Biology
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulics Machines
  • Elements of Environmental Protection
  • Applied Engineering Geology

Environmental Engineering Syllabus – Third Year

  • Water Supply and Distribution System
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Origin and Characterization of Environmental Pollution
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
  • Water Treatment Engineering
  • Design and Drawing of Environmental System
  • Environmental Transport Processes
  • Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Atmospheric Environmental Engineering
  • Water Waste Collection and Drainage System
  • Wastewater Treatment Engineering

Environmental Engineering Syllabus – Fourth Year

  • Ecology and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Computer Application in Environment Engineering
  • Advanced Wastewater Management
  • Estimation, Specification and Financial Aspects of Environmental Facilities
  • Design and Drawing of Environmental System

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B.Tech Environmental Engineering Future Scope

The students who graduate in B.Tech Environmental Engineering can find employment in the Government or the Private Sector. Students graduating in the said course are very much in demand these days due to growing environmental concerns.

  • They mainly work in sectors that are involved in monitoring of environmental systems, water supply, heavy metal pollution and matters related to various types of pollution etc.
  • They are also placed in industries relating to research firms, mines, testing laboratories, chemical manufacturing units or they can also work as planners, designers, or operators of facilities relating to pollution control.
  • Job Profiles offered to students from B.Tech in Environmental Engineering can be of Agricultural Engineers, Waste Management Officers, Biologists, Public Health Specialists, Ecologists, Safety Design Managers, Field Chemists, Air Quality Engineers, Hydro-Geologists and Chemical Engineers to name a few.
  • Students can also pursue M.Tech in Environmental Engineering after graduating from B.Tech in Environmental Engineering for which they would have to score at least 60% marks in aggregate in their under graduation program as well as a good score in the GATE examination.

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B.Tech Environmental Engineering Placement Trends

Over the years, demand for engineers graduating from Environmental Engineering programs has increased due to the degrading environmental conditions and climate change. The students are generally placed to government organizations like:

  • Pollution Control Board
  • Municipal and Public Offices
  • PWD Department
  • Town Planning Department
  • Agriculture Development Board

And in Private Organizations like:

  • IDS Group
  • Kalpan Hydro Company
  • Privi Organics Limited
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Brunel India Pvt Ltd
  • Sima Labs Pvt Ltd
  • The Indure Private Limited

The top Job Profiles offered to students graduating from B.Tech in Environmental Engineering are:

  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Seismic Acquisition Consultant
  • Waste Management Officer
  • Senior ROV Technician
  • Public Health Officers
  • Marine Mammal Observer
  • Ecologists

The salary package offered to a fresh graduate varies in accordance to the Job Profile held by the candidate. An entry-level graduate can earn up to INR 1.7 LPA to INR 11.8 LPA and the maximum salary offered can reach up to INR 25.2 LPA as the candidate’s experience in the field grows.

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B.Tech in Environmental Engineering is a very viable option to choose for any B. Tech aspirant as the issues concerning Environment, Global Warming, Climate Change etc., are of great importance and in coming years they need for people working towards the betterment of the Environment will only grow. A fair number of the government and private colleges offer B.Tech in Environmental Engineering where both kinds of colleges offer more or less similar kinds of course structures to the students. The main criteria for getting admission in a good college offering B.Tech in Environmental Engineering is through All India exams like JEE or through various state level examinations.

An entry-level graduate can find a job in this industry with salary packages ranging from 1.7 LPA to 11.8 LPA depending upon their job profile and with some experience they can also find a job paying somewhere around 12.9 LPA. Some of the leading government and private institutions of the country like the PWD Department. Municipal and Public Offices, Town Planning Department, AECOM, MACTEC, Kalpan Hydro Company etc., offer jobs to students graduating from B.Tech in Environmental Engineering.

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B.Tech in Environmental Engineering FAQs

Q.What is the average fee for the program?

Ans: The fee per semester varies between INR 30,000- INR 80,000 depending upon the college.

Q.Is mathematics a necessary criterion for admission?

Ans: Yes, mathematics is a necessary eligibility criterion for getting admission in this course.

Q.What is the process of getting admission in this course?

Ans: The student will have to score passing marks in 10+2 examinations with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as their main subjects. They will also have to qualify in exams like JEE and various other state level examinations to gain admissions in good colleges.

Q.What are the job profiles offered after graduating in B. Tech in Environmental Engineering?

The job profiles that are offered to fresh graduates range from Agricultural Engineers, Waste Management Officer, Ecologists, Biologists, Seismic Acquisition Consultant and many more.

Q.What is the average salary offered to a fresh graduate?

The average salary offered to a fresh graduate ranges from 1.7 LPA TO 11.8 LPA.

Q.Where do they get hired after graduating in Environmental Engineering?

The graduates can find jobs in various government departments and private institutions like the PWD Department, Agriculture Development Board, Pollution Control Board, AECOM, MACTEC, Kaplan Hydro Company, Goodrich Corporation and many more.

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