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Are the Faculty Helpful at IIT Delhi?

Last updated on October 16th, 2020 at 02:04 pm

IIT Delhi always had some of the best teaching faculties on-board. A lot of them were PhD holders from premium institutions. This strong faculty team is what created the best base for the academic excellence of IIT Delhi.

There are permanent senior faculties and guests as well as visiting faculties for different departments at IIT Delhi. All of them are helpful and approachable for us to aid in any of our academic needs. Each department is blessed with knowledgeable faculties and there was never a lack of academic quality. The way of teaching, presentation, their approach, all are directed in a way that as a student we can get the most benefit out of it. Combined with the top-class infrastructure at IIT Delhi, the academic environment created and nurtured by the teachers was more efficient and helpful for us.

The best thing is that all the faculty at IIT Delhi are student-friendly and we can approach them for any kind of guidance. Healthy interactions and curiosity for learning were always appreciated and nurtured at our campus. The professors and other teaching faculties also indulge in all the activities conducted at IIT Delhi, which further strengthens our trust, respect, and approach to our teachers. Building up a good student-teacher relationship is always helpful for a great learning process. This is what IIT Delhi faculties also believe and practice. More than just passing on the knowledge which they did in their best way. This academic experience is one of the major contributing factors of fame and laurel of all our recent graduates and alumni.

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