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JEE Main Preparation Tips for Mathematics

JEE Main is the topmost engineering entrance exam in our country and every year lakhs of students appear for the exam.  The exam is basically a test of three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Although all the three subjects have same weightage in the exam, Mathematics is the deciding factor in case of same marks secured by two candidates, so it is the most important section of the exam.  The section can also be the most scoring section of the exam if proper preparation is done by a candidate. So, looking at the importance of the Mathematics in JEE Main exam, we have come up with a full proof strategy and preparation tips for all the aspirants.

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JEE Main Preparation Tips for Mathematics

Before starting with the preparation tips, let us first have look on the number of questions asked from each topic in Mathematics in the recent JEE Main 2018 Examination. The following chart shows the complete overview of the number of questions asked from a particular topic.

                                 TOPIC NO OF QUES. MARKS
Permutation & Combination 1 4
Complex Numbers 1 4
Maxima & Minima 1 4
Definite integration  2 8
Hyperbola 1 4
Straight Line 1 4
Limit, Continuity & Differentiability 2 8
Circle 1 4
Sets & Relation 1 4
Application of Derivatives 1 4
Trigonometric equation 1 4
Parabola 2 8
Differential equation 1 4
Indefinite integration 1 4
Matrices & Determinants 2 8
Binomial Theorem 1 4
Mathematical Reasoning 1 4
Sequence & Series 2 8
Fundamentals of Mathematics 1 4
Trigonometric Ratio & identities 1 4
Co-ordinate Geometry (3-D) 2 8
VectorAnchor 1 4
Probability 1 4
Statistics 1 4
Total 30 120

The above table gives us an overview of the current pattern of Mathematics section in JEE Main examinations. This table can be very useful for all the aspirants in deciding which topic to choose first according to its weightage in the examination.

Preparation Tips:

Set your Daily Routine- The first step of your preparations should to set your daily routine for your preparations. Being one of the topmost exams, it requires proper attention, only 2 hours study will lead you nowhere. So, set the routine say a study plan of 6 hours daily. However, you will have to divide the time for other two subjects also.

Start with the most scoring Topics- As the syllabus of the subject is vast and you have to cover all the topics to clear the examination, you should first start with the most scoring topics like Co-ordinate Geometry, Parabola, Integration as per the question chart of the JEE Main 2018 exam. However, Algebra and calculus were the most scoring topics in JEE Main 2017. So, you must decide the topics to start first and the criteria of your selection should be the weightage of the topic in the examination.

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Learn all the Formulae- Mathematics is entirely based on formulas and before starting your preparations you should make a record of all important formulae and learn them by heart. You should keep updating your record and keep revising it time to time. But only learning the formulas is not enough, you must know their applications. So, once you will start learning the formulas, you will automatically build a strong foundation of your preparations.

NCERT Books are Best- There are many reference books for JEE Main preparations in the market but the first book you should consider must be your 11th and 12th class NCERT books.  As the entire syllabus of the exam is based on these classes, you should first complete your NCERT Books and move towards the reference books.

Proper Time Management- As the subject has many topics to cover; you should have a proper time management so that you can be able to give ample time to each topic. You shouldn’t give all your time to selected topics, so you should smartly make a chart of topics and the time that you will give to it in order to complete your entire syllabus.

Solve Previous Year Papers- Previous Year papers are very important for your preparations as when you solve them, you get to know the level and type of questions asked in the actual examination and based on these papers, and you can practice the same level questions to ensure your success.

Practice Daily- Only studying and completing topics is not enough for your preparations. With all this, you should give proper time for practicing questions on the topics which you have completed. So, you should solve at least 20 questions everyday from different topics to check your preparation level.

Find Some Leisure Time for Yourselves- Although preparation should be serious and you should not waste your time but you must devote some time to any leisure activity once in week. It can be anything that you like as this kind of activity will refresh your mind and you will become more attentive.

Some Reference Books- All the students are many times confused about which book to follow for their preparations. So, here we are providing you a list of some important reference books that can help you in your examinations. You don’t need to get all of them but can refer to any of them according to your choices.

  • R.D. Sharma for Class XI & XII
  • Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney
  • Arihant for Algebra, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus & Trigonometry
  • TMH Mathematics
  • IIT Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced by ML Khanna
  • Higher Algebra by Hall Knight
  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable by L.A. Maron

These were the preparation tips to ace in the Mathematics section of JEE Main Examination. We hope that our post have given you an idea about how to start your preparations for the Mathematics section.  You just have to smartly work on your weaknesses and you will be able to reach your aim.

All the best!!

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